Friday, August 31, 2018

Bridal Gown Trends, Summer 2018

Bridal orders have begun for the summer seasons of 2018. We have been watching and wondering what hot trends will come this season. It was worth the wait. We will share with you the latest trends, the hottest styles, and what colors to watch for.

It is all about the trains The wedding gowns gracing the aisles in 2018 will be followed by trains of tulle and lace. The longer the train the more in style it is in the wedding gown scenes. While traditional trains are always strong in presence, you will see more brides opt for the bridal cape that trails behind her. The tulle capes will be lace trimmed or decorated with shimmering beads.

Types of trains Bridal trains come in a variety of lengths. This allows the bride getting married in a cathedral or the bride getting married in a vineyard or barn to have the options of a train without fear of snagging or causing a fall.

Sweep Train

The sweep train is a short train that falls about one foot past where the dress brushes the floor. It sweeps just behind the bride and it does not require an attendant.

Court Train

The court train begins about three feet past the waist. It is a little longer than the sweep train but still, requires no assistance.

The Chapel Train

The chapel train normally begins at the waist and it trails about 5 feet from the hem of the wedding gown. Depending on the venue, a bridesmaid may have to assist the bride to ensure there are no issues with the positioning of the train as the bride walks the aisle.

The Cathedral Train

This is the longer train that you often see in church weddings. The train begins at the waist and it trails about seven feet from the gown. A bridesmaid will be needed to keep the train straight and snagged or creased as the bride makes her way down the aisle.

Bridal Cape The bridal cape is made very similar to the train. However, the cape is worn around the shoulders and fastened around the neck. The cape can be short, waist length, or it can trail the bride like a traditional train. These are beautiful in photographs and they are a hot item for fashionable brides this spring. The capa is popular for the themed weddings and sometimes for the destination weddings too. Those different destination/themed weddings are a bit pricey lately so there’s sometimes a fund for organising it - souch as honeyfund for instance, where your guests can fund as a gift to your wedding and help you prepare the fairytale event or honeymoon or whatever you wish!

Black accents

Wedding gowns will be white, ivory, or champagne this season, but they will come with a shock of jet black. You will also see silver bridal gowns with a lot of embellishment, and still the shocking black accessories. Elbow length gloves in black are popular with the whitest gowns. You will also see black sashes, belts, bows, headpieces, and floral arrangements of black and white. More daring brides will opt for the black dress or a two piece gown with a full, black skirt.

Even more daring While the black gown and white gowns with slashes of black for drama are daring, perhaps the most daring trend for this year is the sheer corsets gown. The corsets accent the waist and bust while giving the bride a smooth look. The gowns are sheer with showing enough of the body to be bold but stopping short of nudity. Pearl embellishment is very popular with this sexy gown.

Bridesmaids dresses and colors Blue is back. The colors you will be seeing are pastels, ice blue, steel blue, very soft blues that are elegant and not quite baby blue.

Dresses will feature lots of cascading layers and ruffles. Cap sleeves, sheer wraps, and lots of tulle will adorn the bridesmaid. This is not the year for sleeveless or plunging backs.

Be creative and stylish in your wedding day. Keep going.

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