Friday, July 06, 2018

7 Steps to Save Yourself from Depression

How to overcome depression? Why we must not ignore depression? Many may find it as normal, but I find it alarming. Depression is a silent killer. 
It kills your joy, it kills your hope and it kills your inner peace. It loses our reason to live. It only gives you sorrow and agony that penetrates in your inner soul.
Many people are not aware that they’re in the depressing state. As early as possible, we must detect this silent killer.
1.       Pray. Unload your burden to God. The main reason why people get depressed is that they have a huge problem or burden that they carry with them. Loose that thing that burdens you. Sometimes it’s hard to forget and hard to let go, but we must entrust it to God. Trust God, He can carry it through. God is an all-knowing God, and He knows what you’re going through. God wants to carry your burden. He wants to save you.

2.       Bring back your inspiration. Find the reason to celebrate life. Look on the people who stays by your side. Keep them. Treasure and appreciate them. They love you. They will give you reason to celebrate life and makes you glad.

3.       Don’t shut yourselves from people.  Don’t give satan, the enemy, the reason to play on you. He manipulates your mind and thoughts. Go to people who can be trusted. Talk to them, tell them about how you feel. Go to your family or a Christian friend who can help you out. Satan wants to discourage you, but God wants to uplift you. God will use people to encourage you.

4.       Go out. Go to the place where you can find yourself at ease. Go to church, eat on your favorite restaurant, shop, go to salon and spa. You must pamper yourself. You deserve a treat. Give time for yourself. Give yourself a break- from stresses and work. Know your worth. Give yourself a time to sort things out.

5.       Encourage someone. One way to encourage yourself is to encourage someone. There are a lot of people who are also in need of encouragement. You know how it feels, you know their grief and you can empathize to them and bring compassion to them. In that way, you will be encouraged.

6.       Move on. Know the cause of your depression, if it’s people… then approach them and talk to them. Humility is the key. Ask for forgiveness. If it’s circumstances, look on the brighter side. It’s just an obstacle, it’s not the end of the race. It may be hard, but sooner, you will understand.

7.       Know Jesus. He can intercede for you. Believe that Jesus saves you to bring you life in Him. He wants you to enjoy abundant life with Him. You will be an overcomer. You will overcome!

I hope that this will help you. I hope it will save you, because it saves mine.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


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