Monday, March 12, 2018

Just Expression- Just Press On

Finally, we've launched our site on FB. Please do like our site/ page on Facebook. Thanks!

I cannot explain how I felt when we first launched our site on Fb. I was excited because this is all I wanna do- to express my passion and love for arts at the same time inspire people through arts and poetry. I saw this in my vision. I'll be doing this. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to do the things I love.
All I want is to inspire people, especially those who suffered from depression. They need a  care group or someone who will encourage them to press on and move forward.We need someone who will encourage us to overcome the challenges in life.
God has amazing things prepared for all of us. Just wait for His right timing and see how it unfolds.

I hope you'll try to visit and like our page. So far, we have three (3) contributing artist, and I'm one of them, who shared their artworks and thoughts to people.

I hope you'll like our site and be blessed. :)
Keep going everyone.

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