Tuesday, December 26, 2017

To-Do Over a Christmas Break

Christmas is my favorite season. I don't know, its in the Christmas spirit that makes my heart feels so glad. Maybe because this is the time of the year where all your family members gather together and celebrate the season. Relatives and old friends are reunited in Christmas parties and other get-together gathering. Aside from that, this is the time where I can have a long break from all the stresses in work. What I love about this break is that I can always find time for myself- to do the things that I failed to do during regular days.  I can have my "me time" and I can do whatever I want to do. So here it is, I've already planned out my "To-Do Over a Christmas Break Checklist".

So, to start things of, I got  list of activities. I put check mark ( ) to the accomplished tasks and x for the things I haven't done yet.

✓  1. Do some general cleaning- Do the sweeping, clean my room, wash clothes, clean my bedding, bags and etc. I got this "OCness" in me that I wish to clean everything almost everyday, but failed to do it due to school work. So, finally I got to make it today. I'm proud I got to wash mine and my sister's clothes. You can rarely see me washing because I hate washing clothes. 

X  2. Paint-  I got some blank canvas and set of oil paint, so I'll start painting at least 2-3 paintings for this season. I really love painting. It is my first love but it saddens me, knowing that I can only do it once in a while. 
  3. Cook my Specialty Dish- Nobody knows I love cooking, but I feel exhausted in cleaning after cooking so I rarely cook. This time I want to practice cooking spaghetti and tadahh... I made some for Christmas eve.  

X  4. Facial Treatment- I really love facial massage. It is soothing and relaxing. I love the result, so I gotta visit the clinic this Christmas break.

5. Read a Book- I downloaded a book and I'm planning to read it this Christmas break. It's a Christian book to be exact.

6. Go some place (somewhere) alone-  I wanna be independent this coming 2018. All my life my parents,siblings, friends dictates me on things I'm going to do. This time, it's my symbolic way of expressing... "this time, Im going to do it on my own", not because somebody said so. I want to be an independent woman.

7. Rest from Social Media- I was so bombarded with so much happenings in social media that I don't understand anymore the things that is going on in my life. This time, I'll gonna spend time with my self resting, meditating. I also wanna spend time with God and do some catching up. heheh

8. Go out with a Friend-  I am a busy person that even going out with a a friend is such a hard thing to do. I miss my friends a lot. I want to catch up with them and spend some quality time with them. I hope I can do this before the break ends.

X 9. Dinner in a Restaurant w/ Family- I know what you're thinking. Yeah right, I'm a boring and busy person. But I'm trying to change :| for the better.We usually had dinner (together) at home but not in a restaurant- yeah, due to busy scheds (I guess).

10. Write some blogs-  my blog is my safe haven, this is where I can express myself when others are not listening. Aside from prayer and painting, this is where I can be myself. I maybe fake and pretentious in front of many people, but my blog is where I want to be. I can be sad, lonely, gloomy and happy. All sorts of emotion I can express and good thing, nobody cares.

So, this is it. I got my list and it's all set.  I got to accomplish it before my break ends. Got to go! Keep going everyone. Happy holidays. 
Merry Christmas everyone and God bless you.

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