Friday, February 10, 2017

What and Why I Prefer "Harana"?

This February, celebrate love month filled with music and love songs. Enjoy every minute with your loved ones. It's very nice and romantic when you play music to your love ones. I find it very sincere and touching. In the Philippines, playing music to the one you love (usually used in courtship) is called "harana". Serenading the one you love. Making her feel extra special. The man looks attractive and sexy when they know how to sing songs and play the guitar. I believe in using songs to say things.
Music and love makes this world go around. 

Don't settle for flowers and chocolates. I prefer "harana" than any other gifts. Start it now by learning the guitar. Go grab your sheet music guitar. This love month, February, now is the perfect time to pursue someone and make them feel special and wanted.

Keep going everyone. Happy Love month. God bless :)

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