Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Perks of Being a Teacher

I'll be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary as a public school teacher. Year 2014 when I signed my contract and received my item from national the position of  Teacher 1. The feeling was very overwhelming and rewarding- knowing that it paid off all your sacrifices while applying for that job position. And finally all my dreams starts to unfold right in front of me.

The work of a school teacher is stressful and draining sometimes. But, I cannot deny the fact that I am enjoying and loving this job. Along the way, you'll meet different kinds of students- the crazy one, sincere, cheerful, loud and outgoing and stubborn. All of these are sum up in one classroom- your second home. The adventure and misadventure of a teacher is undeniably exciting. One thing, I hate about my classroom is when the whole class is very noisy and student could no longer hear your voice and discussion. Good thing, in today's technology, you could avail and enjoy the benefits of using a lapel mic. Music lovers will also love this. Lapel mic is very helpful especially to those who do not have a  well-modulated voice. Lapel mic is a must for small or big classroom setup. Very helpful and convenient to use in class program, music fest and other extra curricular activities.

Though, some bad experiences happened. And unending hardship and hurdles come along the way, I will never trade this position for any profession and jobs. This is where I belong. This is what I want- to touch lives and influence people (in a good way). Teaching is the noblest job ever.

Keep going everyone. 

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