Sunday, February 26, 2017

Movie Review: Trolls

It's been  a long time since I made my last movie review here in my blog. So what makes me write again in my blog about movies? Well certainly because I fell in love to this movie. Especially the plot of the story and the soundtrack. Any kids born in the 90's well surely appreciate this movie. The soundtrack of the movie is very nostalgic. If you are a Justine Timberlake fan, the more you will fall in love with his voice and if you're not, surely you will be after you watch the movie.

Forget about the soundtrack, let's go on  purely a review on the plot. I'm a fan of animated movies, I'm not being biased, but this one is one of my top of the list. I love the message of the story. "No Trolls left behind", and "Happiness is inside of all of us, sometimes we just need someone to help you find it". It speaks about finding real happiness and camaraderie. It talks about friendship and love. It also shows how happiness can soften people's heart or the opposite, how sadness and aloofness could  hardened ones heart. We can learn a lot of life lesson in the movie. The story of the prince and chamber maid also touches me. If you love someone, don't pretend to someone else just to make that person love you. Don't be afraid of who you really are. The person who loves you, will accept who you are after knowing all your lapses and flaws. Don't be afraid, just let them show... your true colors. Your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow. Heheh

This is the movie for the whole family, young and old. We can surely relate to the movie, to the music and to characters they portray. This is a movie fun and exciting, plus the comedy in it. You'll surely enjoy it. I'll give this movie a two-thumbs up! Keep going everyone. God bless.

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