Thursday, February 09, 2017

February: The Love Month?

It's the beautiful month of the year again. Hello February! Many doesn't care about this month, while other also look forward for this month to come.
February is a love month celebrated all over the world. It originally started as Valentines day. Valentine's day was named after saint Valentine's commemoration at 14th of February. Later, it was associated with tradition of country love.

Where flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and etc. are very expensive during this month, it keeps me wonder. Why wait for February where flowers and other gifts are in it's peek price. We have all the time.. and other months to surprise and give special gifts for your love ones and special ones. I'm being practical. Why not give them flowers everyday, or every January or any other month? Stop practicing rituals- don't be so traditional. I don't find it very sincere, when you give flowers to someone because 'hello, it's February'? I don't see wrongs in giving gifts on February, I just want to share and express to you that everyday can be a love day, every month is a love month. Stop, don't wait for February to remind you to buy flowers for your wife, children girlfriend and etc. They deserve to have it everyday. They need to be appreciated everyday.

Anyway, I'm not playing protagonist. Be wise enough, don't buy flowers on February. Hahaha kidding. Happy love month, anyway.

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