Sunday, February 26, 2017

Movie Review: Trolls

It's been  a long time since I made my last movie review here in my blog. So what makes me write again in my blog about movies? Well certainly because I fell in love to this movie. Especially the plot of the story and the soundtrack. Any kids born in the 90's well surely appreciate this movie. The soundtrack of the movie is very nostalgic. If you are a Justine Timberlake fan, the more you will fall in love with his voice and if you're not, surely you will be after you watch the movie.

Forget about the soundtrack, let's go on  purely a review on the plot. I'm a fan of animated movies, I'm not being biased, but this one is one of my top of the list. I love the message of the story. "No Trolls left behind", and "Happiness is inside of all of us, sometimes we just need someone to help you find it". It speaks about finding real happiness and camaraderie. It talks about friendship and love. It also shows how happiness can soften people's heart or the opposite, how sadness and aloofness could  hardened ones heart. We can learn a lot of life lesson in the movie. The story of the prince and chamber maid also touches me. If you love someone, don't pretend to someone else just to make that person love you. Don't be afraid of who you really are. The person who loves you, will accept who you are after knowing all your lapses and flaws. Don't be afraid, just let them show... your true colors. Your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow. Heheh

This is the movie for the whole family, young and old. We can surely relate to the movie, to the music and to characters they portray. This is a movie fun and exciting, plus the comedy in it. You'll surely enjoy it. I'll give this movie a two-thumbs up! Keep going everyone. God bless.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Perks of Being a Teacher

I'll be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary as a public school teacher. Year 2014 when I signed my contract and received my item from national the position of  Teacher 1. The feeling was very overwhelming and rewarding- knowing that it paid off all your sacrifices while applying for that job position. And finally all my dreams starts to unfold right in front of me.

The work of a school teacher is stressful and draining sometimes. But, I cannot deny the fact that I am enjoying and loving this job. Along the way, you'll meet different kinds of students- the crazy one, sincere, cheerful, loud and outgoing and stubborn. All of these are sum up in one classroom- your second home. The adventure and misadventure of a teacher is undeniably exciting. One thing, I hate about my classroom is when the whole class is very noisy and student could no longer hear your voice and discussion. Good thing, in today's technology, you could avail and enjoy the benefits of using a lapel mic. Music lovers will also love this. Lapel mic is very helpful especially to those who do not have a  well-modulated voice. Lapel mic is a must for small or big classroom setup. Very helpful and convenient to use in class program, music fest and other extra curricular activities.

Though, some bad experiences happened. And unending hardship and hurdles come along the way, I will never trade this position for any profession and jobs. This is where I belong. This is what I want- to touch lives and influence people (in a good way). Teaching is the noblest job ever.

Keep going everyone. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Procrastinator: The Thing You Should Hate About You

Today, I just learned my lesson- that is to never procrastinate ever!

Procrastinator- is a person who delays or puts things off — like work, chores, or other actions — that should be done in a timely manner. A procrastinator is likely to leave all the Christmas shopping until December 24th. Procrastinator comes from the Latin verb procrastinare, which means deferred until tomorrow.
I know some promises are made to be broken, but I'll try my best to do the right thing. Today, some opportunities just slip away just because I procrastinate. Many of us, boast about tomorrow... the next day and the days to come, but we never realize that those days will never come. The things that was lost today was just a small amount of penny. But hey, you cannot easily find that certain amount this days. The opportunity is already in my hand but unluckily, I allowed tardiness overpower my being. I got tired to do the task, knowing that there's still tomorrow to do it, lately I realized it's already gone.

One thing I don't want to pass on is this kind of trait or attitude. It really sucks. Good thing what got away is small amount, but what if the greater and much bigger opportunities will be gone just because you always procrastinate?

Procrastination is a killer disease. It kills you time, opportunity and dreams to do big. It gives you nothing but regrets. In my life I don't want to say these lines... "what if.." and "if only...". That is the most miserable words to say. And I don't want to be a miserable person who regret her life and the person I could become.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy life and please... Do not procrastinate.

Friday, February 10, 2017

What and Why I Prefer "Harana"?

This February, celebrate love month filled with music and love songs. Enjoy every minute with your loved ones. It's very nice and romantic when you play music to your love ones. I find it very sincere and touching. In the Philippines, playing music to the one you love (usually used in courtship) is called "harana". Serenading the one you love. Making her feel extra special. The man looks attractive and sexy when they know how to sing songs and play the guitar. I believe in using songs to say things.
Music and love makes this world go around. 

Don't settle for flowers and chocolates. I prefer "harana" than any other gifts. Start it now by learning the guitar. Go grab your sheet music guitar. This love month, February, now is the perfect time to pursue someone and make them feel special and wanted.

Keep going everyone. Happy Love month. God bless :)

Thursday, February 09, 2017

February: The Love Month?

It's the beautiful month of the year again. Hello February! Many doesn't care about this month, while other also look forward for this month to come.
February is a love month celebrated all over the world. It originally started as Valentines day. Valentine's day was named after saint Valentine's commemoration at 14th of February. Later, it was associated with tradition of country love.

Where flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and etc. are very expensive during this month, it keeps me wonder. Why wait for February where flowers and other gifts are in it's peek price. We have all the time.. and other months to surprise and give special gifts for your love ones and special ones. I'm being practical. Why not give them flowers everyday, or every January or any other month? Stop practicing rituals- don't be so traditional. I don't find it very sincere, when you give flowers to someone because 'hello, it's February'? I don't see wrongs in giving gifts on February, I just want to share and express to you that everyday can be a love day, every month is a love month. Stop, don't wait for February to remind you to buy flowers for your wife, children girlfriend and etc. They deserve to have it everyday. They need to be appreciated everyday.

Anyway, I'm not playing protagonist. Be wise enough, don't buy flowers on February. Hahaha kidding. Happy love month, anyway.


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