Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Blessed 7 Years: Happy Blogversary My Foliage Diary!

This day, seven years ago, was so memorable. It feels like yesterday when clicked the "publish" button on my blog. I had this feeling of excitement and anxiety. Anxiety, that I might not able to make it, but my excitement is overwhelming , it's just like a mom giving birth to a new born baby. It is my first time to own a domain. I don't know what to publish and I don't have any idea on the things that set to unfold.

Things pass and things changes, and I didn't expect that I'm going to reach this far. I just love my blog- this is my outlet of my inner self- my inner ego. Sometimes I'm being pessimist on many things, but as much as possible, I'm trying to be an optimist in everything- in dealing with things.

Image resultI thank everyone who chose to stay. It is a wonderful feeling when I look back on things I've posted here- from heartbreaks, moving on, life of a single, inspirational quotes and my day to day experiences . I feel really privilege to have a one of a king blog. I had a lot of experiences in my life that is all recorded in my blog. I felt like my bog is my best friend, whom I can trust.

For the past 7 year..  I thank every people who believe in me and who keep in touch with me. This calls for a celebration. I hope that you will choose to stay and believe in me..

Keep going everyone and thank you for paying a visit to my blog.

God bless everyone.


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