Sunday, October 30, 2016

Love Music, Get a Life, Play Musical Instruments

Everyone are gifted- they are capable to do something great. Each one of us are given a talent- talent to dance, sing, draw, paint and play musical instruments. There are a lot of talents that needs to be unleash in us. It needs to be discovered and mastered. We are born talented.
For me, they say, I was born with paint brush in my hands. Since young I do really love to draw and paint. This is my inner talent which I developed and mastered. But, I still don't loose hope that I could also play musical instruments. This is my secret ultimate dream- to play at least one musical instrument.

Playing musical instrument feels like you're serenading your soul. It evokes emotional and musical experience. For me music is poetry. Music is what feelings sounds like. Playing music is a medicine of a breaking heart. Music is the song, the heart sings. See? There are lots of reason for me (for us) to love music. My love for music is eternal.

There's that urge in me to get that best guitar from guitar center or shop some of the best musical instruments in store. To play a musical instrument is my secret ultimate dream. Maybe one day, you might see me playing guitar and upload a song cover in this blog. Who knows I'll be the next music hero you will look up to- well just kidding. But, honestly, I'm very eager to try to learn. I believe, I have my right and perfect time for me  to learn all those things. It's just a perfect timing. As I've said, we are gifted- we are not an exemption.

How about you, what are your hidden talent? Maybe, it's about time for you discover your God-given talent.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy!

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