Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Power Up Your Playlist

I have this hobby of listening to classical music and instrumental music everyday and I think it helps to ease my stress. It gives me soothing feeling. In a long busy day, when we're caught in 8-hours of work and stuck in an hour of traffic- the only way to relax and escape is through music. Yes, it works on me! And it's very effective.

I used to have pop and novelty songs on my phone, but then I deleted it for some reasons- it triggers stress. Then, I shift to listening to classical, inspirational and intrumental music. No trashy words- it's just purely music. It is truly big help to me to get rid of my depression. Played intruments - sax, violin, guitar and piano/ keyboard are some of my favorites. It gives me so much feels.

But still I keep and hope that one day I can play my favorite song in a best piano like yamaha ypg-235. I dreamed of playing my favorite song in some of the musical instruments. It would be very rewarding when you can play it, record it and listen to it all day! That would give me so much joy.

So try to powerup you playlist now. Maybe all this time, you are carrying the biggest baggage of stress in your life- reconsider thr change of music. And make some extra change on your playlist.
Keep going everyone.

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