Friday, September 16, 2016

Sing Songs: Secret to Happiness and Successful Life

I couldn't explain how it really started but I have this feeling of comfort and happiness whenever I do some videoke at our house.  Doing karaoke or videoke  with families is a good recreational activity. Karaoke  is singing in an amplified voice with the help of a microphone. In videoke, you can select good quality songs in (minus one).
I find it very  comforting when I sing songs. Starting to sing my heart out is one ofthe bect feeling ever. It relaxes my mind and soul. It is one way of expressing your feeling through songs. Singing now is one of my stress reliever. It's kinda weird because I am one of those who has the worse voice ever, but I still have all the confidence to sing (and let the neighbors hear it out). With the right choice of song, the lyrics itself could speak whats inside your heart.

Together with my cousins and family. It strengthen the bond in our family. Karaoke with families radiates positive vibes .  Well, checkout some  good quality audio out cable for a best audio quality sounds. Don't miss the chance in acquiring good quality sound when you could really have it.
Singing radiates happiness, and happiness gives you healthy heart. Life is beautiful when it's shared with the people you love. Create music, sing songs, and spend time with people you love-  secrets to happy and successful life. The heart that sings is a happy heart. When your happy and you know it, you sing it out

Enjoy your long weekend and have a blesssed day to everyone. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Power Up Your Playlist

I have this hobby of listening to classical music and instrumental music everyday and I think it helps to ease my stress. It gives me soothing feeling. In a long busy day, when we're caught in 8-hours of work and stuck in an hour of traffic- the only way to relax and escape is through music. Yes, it works on me! And it's very effective.

I used to have pop and novelty songs on my phone, but then I deleted it for some reasons- it triggers stress. Then, I shift to listening to classical, inspirational and intrumental music. No trashy words- it's just purely music. It is truly big help to me to get rid of my depression. Played intruments - sax, violin, guitar and piano/ keyboard are some of my favorites. It gives me so much feels.

But still I keep and hope that one day I can play my favorite song in a best piano like yamaha ypg-235. I dreamed of playing my favorite song in some of the musical instruments. It would be very rewarding when you can play it, record it and listen to it all day! That would give me so much joy.

So try to powerup you playlist now. Maybe all this time, you are carrying the biggest baggage of stress in your life- reconsider thr change of music. And make some extra change on your playlist.
Keep going everyone.

My Step-by-Step Process: A Remedy to Get Rid of Pimples

Hi guys it's been a looOong days of, vacation, wait, what? Let's say  my vacation from blogging maybe.*Sigh. after all there's no room for relaxation for me. I was bombarded  with so much paper works at school. Everyday is a long tiring day that I always crave to sleep as early as possible- but it's really impossible. I still have hope that I could regain the time I've lost. After all the hardwork, sleepless night and stressful week, I gained the hateful prize of hardwork (which I do not like)- pimples all over my face.
I feel so paranoid whenever I got pimples. There's an excruciating moment of shame whenever I face people.
Just to end up my suffering, so here's the plan- a remedy actually. I hope it works. I'll blog to you the end result after my days of observation.

1. Exfoliate your skin (atleast 2-3 times per week). You need to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin. To do this, well, you just need to buy facial exfoliating products.

2. Use face toner. In my 24 years of exiting, believe it or not, I just learned the word toner. *Sarcasm. Yeah right,I just learned that our skin needs toner- to close the pores and tone your skin.

3. Use Ice cubes- to prevent pimples from swelling and help close pores. (I'll try this 3rd step) I hope this works for me.

and Lastly..
4. Have a healthy lifestyle, exercise, sleep early and rest well. Eat nutritios frood and don't stress yourself.

I am trying this simple steps now, I hope I can see the results asap. I'll tell you if it works ;).

Keep going everyone.


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