Wednesday, May 04, 2016

One Vote, One Leader, One Future

I am breaking my silence with regards to the  Philippine politics and the upcoming National Election this May 9. I couldn't take it anymore. I am so sick and tired seeing news of "black propaganda" in all my news feeds in Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. It is so frustrating that people are divided according to it's "political-party-colors" (e.i. Red, Yellow, Blue, White) The sad truth, these colors in the Philippine flag should unite people, but this time it divides. These  four colors are united in one flag- the Philippine flag.

What is really going on? This campaign period really sucks. Many good friends unfriended each other because the other one says against the candidate he/she's supporting and vice versa. I don't really express directly about my political views and I couldn't endorse or campaign directly for a specific candidate since I am a teacher- and it is against the law. But I would express my random rants here in my blog.
Yes, there are great people who qualified to run as President- and I don't question their educational credibility. All the presidentiable have great educational backgrounds, Some came from a well-off family. Indeed, they do have flaws but I am not rooting for educational background and flaws of candidates to prove their credibility. I am rooting for  a leader who has the heart to embrace his/her "responsibility", who love his country and who has the "servant heart" (of course credible enough in all aspects). This country and its people are so sick and tired of a "traditional" politician who (not all but some) give all  promises just for the sake of "good public image". People are all sick and tired corrupt government and isip-talangka  (crab mentality) of some government officials. The country  becomes the home of the ugliest mudslinging political campaign. This kind of  mudslinging snit fight must stop.

People of the Republic of the Philippines want to have real change. We are demanding for a clean government. We want a leader who has the genuine intentions to change this country... to suppress crime, drugs and corruption. I want a leader who implements good governance and discipline. I want a leader who thinks and decides not for himself but for the benefit of the Filipino people. We want a government not just for the elites but for the lowly and the ordinary.

I believe, my vote counts. I am voting not for myself but for my future generation. This is our time to wake up. If you truly love your country, I urge you not to sell your votes. It is our freedom to choose, don't allow money to influence your freedom & decision in choosing the right leader. The power is in our hands- the power to choose the next President of the Republic of the Philippines.
Please, be A RESPONSIBLE VOTER! Always keep in mind that your One VOTE will define the fate of a LEADER and that  one LEADER could change our destiny... our FUTURE.
So VOTE WISELY! #PiliPinas2016

Keep going everyone. Let's all pray for a peaceful and truthful election :)
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