Monday, April 04, 2016

Seasonal Activities to Remember

Lately, I've posted a blog regarding my summer experience at the beach. It is very overwhelming. I got a perfect time to enjoy and relax for awhile. I've been dreaming for a day to go out  and go to the beach to relax. The feel of sand and salty water flowing through my feet is tranquil. I feel the calmness inside me.

But long summer heat  burns me out. Summer started too early that I could no longer see green grasses. All were dried. Plants in our school could hardly survive. I don't love it anymore. People prefer to be at home than to be burn under the heat of the sun. No more rain :( and it frustrates me (since I'm a pluviophile). I love summer outing with friends and family but, my melancholic side of me demands rain ( and hope to experience winter). I started to miss my "home alone day"/ my "me time". Summer outing is exciting but rainy season and winter season is more interesting. I wish to experience winter and feel comforted with Cozy Winters. I always dream to experience winter. To stay at home, read my favorite book, observe snowflakes falling on the rooftop and feel the heat of the fire in the fireplace- what a wonderful feeling. For me, winter was made for large blankets and large books. For an introvert like me, it is so wonderful feeling to feel the cold wind as you soround yourself with cozy winter clothes.

Winter season really excites me. I cannot imagine how people survives in a big and cold freezer. But thank God for cozy winters. That really help- big help!

Whatever season it is- any of the four seasons- I find it very magical. It is really magic seeing trees fall leaves, grass withers,  flowers blossoms and spring bring new life.This all I wish in life- to witness to witness the transition of these seasons right in front of me.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy every season of your life!

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