Monday, April 04, 2016

My Kinda Start of Summer

It's so good to feel the summer breeze. That feeling to be at the beach is so overwhelming.  I can't express how I felt- the feel of sand and salt water flowing through your feet, the smell of the salty air and the relaxing sound of the waves simply gives me the feeling of tranquility.
I am melancholic, loner and introvert person and being far away from the crowd, busy streets and people is like a safe haven for me. I feel the calmness and peacefulness inside me- which I craved for a long time.

We had a great time with my Grade 10 students. We were there at the beach to celebrate because finally their moving up to Senior High. It is very unforgettable for me because we got the chance to bond together- with my co-teachers and students. That was an overnight activity. We had fun games, retreat activities and an overnight film showing. I guess, this is good for all of us- to give ourselves a break. To spend quality time at the beach ;)

Everything happened for a reason. I thank God for that outing ( aside from our safe trip going there) I got the chance to reflect on myself. I got the chance to have a peacefulmind and get rid of depression. It's good that I'm quite back on track. I hope this will be the start.

In everything I give thanks to God. It's not easy handling problems. Everything tat I'v been going through will just come to pass. All I need is to trust on yourself and believe that greater things are coming.
Thanks to the beach oting. I really had fun. Till next time friends. I hope you too enjoyed your summer. Enjoy your summer vacay! God bless.
That summer heat feels.. Cheers!

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