Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Midnight Soundtrack is Good for the Soul

 Thank God, I got the chance to blog again, since it's a long weekend and it's a holy week.
While blogging, I'm also enjoying my night music sound trip. It is very motivational and therapeutic. Listening to the music every  night could ease the feeling of sadness, loneliness, but many times it triggers the feelings. Whatever it is, I just love the feeling listening to the sound of music.Music helps us reminisce some great memories that fades away. The lyrics of the songs could penetrate the deepest portion of your heart.

One day, I dreamed to play one musical instrument. I just love the feeling to play an instrument. Forget the people around and simply lost in playing the song. If I could really master the piano or keyboard that would be very fantastic. I would probably bring it where ever I go. With the help of miko case, I could play everywhere. It would be very convenient for me to carry. Oh, I hope somebody could teach me how to play at least one musical instrument.

I am just amazed how music could really penetrate your soul- it's either pierce you, break you or complete you. One song can change you, or change ones' perspective. You just choose what it could bring you- happiness or loneliness. After all, music is made lighten up or soul and bring inspiration to many. Though I couldn't sing that well, but I'm always be a music lover.
Enjoy your holy week.
God bless everyone. Keep going.

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