Friday, February 19, 2016

My 7 Beauty Hacks of Petroleum Jelly

Hi everyone, happy weekend.It's great time for me to blog again since its weekend. I really love to keep updated and blog about good stuff and helpful tips for all of you guys.

I'm very excited to blog it to you. It it my latest beauty product discovery. Petroleum jelly is stock up in my closet for almost a year and unexpectedly, found out it's benefits to me and probably to everyone. Well, I've been sharing and recommending this beauty hacks to some of my friends already and I'm quite excited to share this on my blog.
I found it very miraculous to experience the magic of "petroleum jelly" or it is popularly known as Vaseline. Well, I can testify how it really works on me personally. Aside from it is affordable, petroleum jelly is a mutlitasking miracle cream. It's really beneficial, trust me.

Here are 7 beauty hacks or beauty tips as they called it, that really works on me and gives extra moisture and improvement to my skin. It did a great job as my newest beauty product. Here are some of my beauty experience:

1. It lengthen and define lashes. It's a big yes to me. I swear it does a big improvement on my lashes. For almost 2 weeks of using petroleum jelly, I can clearly observe the changes and the improvement of my lashes. It thickens my lashes without even using mascara. And  it also helps my lashes grow faster (I think so).

2. It reduces and heals skin redness on my body and allergies . Good thing I found petroleum jelly at my closet, though it was stock in the long period of time ( I just used it for my project) but still it works miraculously. I decided to applied it on my body every night and viola! my skin allergy and skin redness which I suffered for how many years  were all gone. I can say it is a miracle. I thank God for petroleum jelly and of  course, God's healing power. I swear, skin redness is gone totally. * Sorry I cannot identify the kind of skin disease since I haven't gone to the doctor to consult about it from the time it started.

3. It smoothen the hair and eliminate hair split-ends. I think it does. I'm still on the process of observating. My hair had gone so many tough times- hair ironing, hair rebond, hair coloring and etc. In short, it was totally damaged. Well, still I can feel and see the changes--so far. It does lessen the split ends and makes my hair more smooth.

4. It makes my lips more kissable. Just kidding! Well applying petroleum jelly on my lips makes it really smoother and it looks healthier. I don't have beautiful heart-shaped lip to brag about, but at least it's smooth and healthy.

5. It  soothe dry cuticles and smoothen your hand. Use a pea-size amount of Vaseline for all ten fingers to soften and soothe scraggly, cracked cuticles. Apply it all over your hands. It makes your hands and palm smoother. It gives you more confidence whenever your guy tries to hold your hand. Go girl!

6. It prevent chaffing. Areas known to be dry like your toes, elbow and cracked heels will be moisturized. Those are prone areas for dryness. I do believe "petroleum jelly" could do it's job.  I'm new to this, but so far I can observe some improvement.

7. It moisturizes, soothe your skin and lessen wrinkles on your face. (Crossed fingers on this!) I haven't tried it yet, but wanna add it to my night ritual. I've been reading some positive reviews about it and I think it does work to many. Petroleum jelly is a classic medicine or a beauty product that every woman (or probably man) should have.

*Note, I applied Vaseline petroleum every night and haven't tried it at day time. The results, effects and side effects may vary. Your skin might be different from mine, so it's about time for you to explore and try it for yourself.
Please, don't hesitate to leave your comments below. I am welcoming all your feedback and personal experiences of the product.
*Note, this is not a paid ad.
Keep going everyone. God bless.

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