Thursday, March 03, 2016

Foodie Buddy

Do you find comfort in food?
Well, food is the most primitive form of comfort for many people.
Sometimes, when we are broken hearted and depressed we can find comfort in the food that we eat. I am not a fan of eating. I don't eat a lot. I always go in a restaurant because of its ambiance. But when I'm alone, food is the best buddy I can have. They are like bestfriends to me. The best part when I'm stressed is that I walked and wander around the city and when I get tired, I eat. I'm a typical loner who loves to eat by myself, but feels scared to eat in restaurant especially if it's my first time there.

I thank God for restaurants. I thank them for inventing food. Yes, it's pathetic  to"eat and cry" at the same time but I've tried it many times. While many really wants to find someone they can talk to when their sad and lonely, but me? I prefer to be alone and eat. Being silent and savouring the  food that I prefer to eat alone is one of the best feeling ever (even though it tastes bitter many times). For me, it's one of my stress reliever.

Though eating alone is usually my habit, but I don't want that it will come a time that I will be used to it. I just wish that someday, there will be someone who will care to invite me for a meal and just simply listen to me... maybe a friend or a lover (lol). Whoever she/he is, I will be thankful to her/him because I will no longer rely in my "food buddy" but to my "foodie buddy".

all kind of pasta is the best for me, but this one is exceptional

one of the best tuna sandwich I've ever tasted

I love the feeling when I savor these *one of my favorite foods*. They're the best!!! I love to comeback in this restaurant. I can't recall the name, but one day I'll come back here with a friend or a lover (hihihi)!

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