Monday, February 08, 2016

I Need an Extra Room, Please?

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. To all my friends and kababayan  who are Chinese... Kung Hei Fat Choy. :) I hope you all enjoy your long weekend and your holiday break. It's holiday! So, it's no time for work.

Since its holiday, it would have been a great day for me to chill and relax but unfortunately,  I got no chance to do it because the whole house is crowded with the bunch of teenagers.  My younger sister's classmates came and stayed the whole day in the house to do their research and projects. My planned relaxation is all gone now. My "me time" never happen :-( Our house is very small and it seems that it is not enough to accommodate them all.

Anyway, the "me time" relaxation never happen, but I got the chance to have a "dream time". While it's very noisy outside our room, I had a great time to dream a lot. And one of those is the dreams for our house renovation. That's all I wish. I've been planning to have our second floor in our house. The ground floor is not enough especially if you have many visitors at home. To have a two story house is one of my dreams.
There's no harm in dreaming big. I also wish that I could have a private place for me where I can rest, relax and paint. Right now, we are all in the same small bedroom with my siblings. I want a small room where I can stay private, but I also want it to be a convertible bedroom where my siblings can stay. Using the grant door hardware for lofts it's possible to have two small rooms convertible into a big room. Grant door is very popular and useful in the classroom, in the house and in the office nowadays.
We have the same bedroom with my siblings  but (many times) I love to have a little space or room for myself. It's good to stay private and it's also good to stay together with your siblings- for us to be closer. A grant door for loops is perfect for our room.

These are all my dreams- a better home and I'm hoping for a better house for my family. Anyway, it's Chinese new year and it's free to dream. It's good to have plans and goals for 2016 rather than plan nothing at all. I believe this plans and dreams will come to pass and it will always come at the right time. *wink.

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