Sunday, January 17, 2016


Woah! Time runs so fast. I couldn't believe I am now posting my second blog post about "Sunday Currently". It feels like only yesterday when I did my first "Sunday Currently" blog post. Checkout my first blog post here -- THE SUNDAY CURRENTLY | 01 
Though I'm a little bit tired and sleepy, but still I'll try my very best to be sincere and honest in posting. So here it is. I hope you enjoyed reading my first post. ;-)
Reading my Payu2blog assignments, just checking if there are available opportunities to blog about. Oh, I'm not blogging just to earn, I'm always sincere (as much as possible) even if it's a paid ad post.
Listening to the sound of our ceiling fan. It's quite loud so I clearly hear the " don't know why it sounds like that.." sound. heheh :D
Thinking many things... everything. Overthinking ? Thinking about  my family, the things to do tomorrow, work and work. It's Monday, so it's back to work. I have to work or else I will be kicked out in my job. I love my job!. and lasly... Thinking about DJC. (haha that man lels!). 
Smelling effecascent oil. It's a menthol body rub and it has a soothing smell. It is perfect for body massage. My younger sister is applying it and it happens she's just near me. 
Wishing for great weekdays and a happy life. I think everyone is wishing for it. I hope this could happen to me.
Hoping  a healthy lifestyle. Right now, I'm making a promise to sleep early today. I hope I can make it- finish this post just enough to reach my targeted sleeping hour. 
Wearing my favorite red cotton short pants and spaghetti sleeveless top. Comfy ;)
Loving my new lampshade. It's my new favorite. Gotcha! I love my purple lampshade... perfect for a double deck bed. It's helping. Now I can clearly see the letters in my lappy. 
Wanting to find the love of my life.Hahaha. Kidding. But still wanting the one that is rightfully made just for me. I like  the guy who happens to be a teacher- but not from our school.  I hope that his the one (fingers crossed)! We used to bump into each other many times already- and I think it's sweet SERENDIPITY! 
Needing allowance. Salary. I need to by my beauty care products.
Feeling confused. I wonder if this feeling is worth fighting for or do I need to make an end of this? ATM Experiencing an emotional dilemma. :-(
Whatever things I posted right now, there's one thing I've realized. It undergoes change. Everything happens in some reasons. Everything changed suddenly. Sunday Currently 01 is different to Sunday Currently 02. Everything happens for a reason and it has a complete uniqueness. God made and weave our everyday experience so unique that today's day is different from the other. 
Keep going everyonee. I hope you enjoyed my post. * wink. - Lynn

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