Sunday, January 10, 2016


This is my first time to post this type of blog post. I have read some popular blogs from my favorite celebrity, Maine Mendoza's blog to be exact. She also got the idea from the other blogger and I find it very interesting to post such kind of blog posts. It is entitled The Sunday Currently. I think it is very fun and ceative, so I'm gonna try this also in my blog. Would you like to try it too.?
Sunday is a family day, but I was left  alone at home because everyone in the family went to church today. I stayed at home coz I have coughs and colds- SICK in short. Well then it's the second Sunday of January, but still I can't get over of the Christmas break.LOL. I demand a loooong vacation!
So here it is. I'm so excited to do this!
Reading some of my old blog post. I'm kinda nostalgic today so I was browsing my old posts- did a random reading from 2010 to present blog post. Heheh I'm enjoying my grammar, though. I am also reading some FB comments from my recently uploaded photos and some comments from my crush's photos- shh don't call me a stalker!
Listening droplets of rain in our rooftop. I'm a pluviophile, remember? It seems a sound to my ear. I'm loving it. So expect that I can make at least 3 and more blog posts today (because it's raining!)
Thinking. To be honest, there are so many things going in my head right now, –mostly things that I shouldn’t be (spending so much time) thinking about. #1 I  am thinking about the guy who just stole my attention. I wonder if we could meet again. #2 It's back to work tomorrow (monday) and I was assigned as the OIC since our school head is not around. I don't know, but I feel like I'm not a good at it- to be a leader. #3 Thinking for a good med to ease my cough. It's a struggle for me for how many days now and tomorrow is back to work, but still sick. :-(
Smelling nothing. Not anything. I can't smell the good food. I can't even smell the pasta that I'm eating. Yeah! I'm sick so blame it to my cough and colds.
Wishing to see him again. (naku! tinamaan na atah ako). hahahh. Wishing that things would be better- relationships for me and for the whole family.  And also more opportunities for this blog.
Hoping  for the good weekdays ahead. Start of work tomorrow, and hoping everything goes well.
Wearing blue short pants and a stripes tank top. Wearing my makeup (of course!) even at home.
Loving my new blog skin or theme. I've been working for it for how may hours this morning and I'm excited to blog about it. Of course, if you frequently visit my blog, you can observe the changes.
Wanting to have a peace of mind, relaxation and go far away from stress. *sigh
Needing more and more sleep. I had sleep deprivation due to my own actions and I wanna make it right.
Feeling stressed and depressed. But  happy. I don't know. I am not bipolar, but some things are bothering me. I can't express how I feel right now. Maybe in some time. 
I hope you enjoyed my post. This is somewhat-kinda slambook blog post and do it every Sundays'. Hope you guys had a great time! Have a great week ahead! Keep going. God bless. 

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