Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Music of Love

Who can't resist to stare at this man? The man named Alden Richards- a phenomenal star in the Philippines. This picture is not just a picture of a "pretty boy" or a "boy next door" look, but I can see a guy who is passionately in love... to music.

Richards, in the other hand, is inclined to music (as a singer not on musical instruments).  I find it very sexy and attractive if a man knows how to play musical instruments.  I admire him more when he tried to learn the musical instrument  to pursue the girl he loves. Though, it's just in a TV series acting, but I can't stop myself to fall in love to this guy. I can clearly see how passionate and perfect gentleman he is. I just love the idea of the "old school" type of courtship. Where the man serenades the woman he loves.

I can see his hardship while learning the instrument. Playing musical instruments is very hard- especially the guitar. You have to press the strings in the other side and strum the strings in the other hand, modify the tune and etc. I tried it once and it drives me crazy. Good thing, today it is made easy with tremol-no. It is perfect for electric guitars in tuning and modifying the sound. Two thumbs up tp this high-tech goodie.

Serenity is inclined to the word serenade. It is called harana in our country. Good job for the man who still use this effective tactic- captivating a woman's heart with music. They say if you can't speak to the girl you love, go get your guitar and let it do the speaking. Music could be the best voice of the heart.

I am not a music lover but, ideally, people eventually fall in love to the man who can play music instrument. Though we cannot touch music, but surely music can touch you. Music speaks what cannot be expressed. The sincerity and passion of the person can be felt  from the instrument through the heart. It speaks love.
Music can give us a great escape. It gives us freedom and the feeling of Love.

For me, I will not stop asking and praying to God to send me a man who will serenade me as I started walking that aisle on a white dress. It feels like walking towards my destiny. I want that man to play instruments and serenades me. The man who will let me feel the music of love for the rest of my life. <3

Keep going everyone. God bless. 

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