Monday, January 11, 2016

Music: The Voice of the Soul

It's already midnight. All people and in the neighborhood are already asleep. And me? I'm right here blogging at the wee hours of the night. Honestly, there are so many things going in my head right now, –mostly things that I shouldn’t be (spending so much time) thinking about. I just can't contain how I felt at this moment.  I'm being nostalgic and feeling emotional. I feel happy and sad at the same time. Maybe because I've been through some ups and downs this past few months. Or these unexplainable feelings are caused by the music that is playing in my YouTube playlist and its tingling in my ear.

As I  listen to some acoustic guitar covers on YouTube, it gives me a nostalgic and unexplainable feeling. I feel sad, in love and relaxed at the same time. The songs were played in an acoustic guitar. The music it creates calms your soul. Music is also therapeutic in relieving stress. I'm very willing to learn any musical instrument-acoustic guitar probably- to ease any pain and calm my disturbed heart. As I see, it gives happiness to the man as he gently strummed its strings. If it's the only way to relax my stressful mind, then purchasing one could be a great idea. Lucky for me, I found ibanez acoustic electric and it could be perfect for this plan. Actually, it's already in my wishlist (I hope it's not too late for a Christmas gift, please!)

Well, music gives you life. I couldn't imagine the world without music. I thank the Lord for musicians who composed and play instruments to serenade the heart. We could express our feelings through listening and playing music. We can express it through singing or in playing musical instruments. Music can express what you cannot speak. It soothes the mind and gives you rest for a while. Music is the voice of the soul. Music is the reflection of what you go through. Keep the music playing in your hearts. When you feel lonely, sad, happy or you can't feel anything at all... just play music. It will teach you how to fly. But, always choose the right music and know where it's leading you.

Alright! It's time to sign off. I hope you enjoyed and learn something from this post.
Keep going everyone. Have a great day.

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