Thursday, January 07, 2016

Feeling Nostalgic: Wishing for a Class Reunion

I'm feeling nostalgic as I dig some of my old photos from my Facebook account. I was skimming and looking at it for almost an hour now. I feel so sad, knowing that time flies so fast. The first photo that I uploaded was way back 2009. The photos speak how I live up my past six (6) years of my life. There are all memories now- great memories that I've treasured indeed. I wish that those flashback photos will extend and capture the years in high school. High school and college memories are one of those I've treasured the most. It's like half  of my years of existence were spent schooling. Beautiful events and memories happened at school

Oh, it's killing me. I'm missing all of my school mates and batchmates. I miss the time when I laugh  with my best friend at one of our favorite bench, hangout with my classmates and friends at the canteen,  cried so hard because of "puppy love".
I admit it, I really envy those batch who had their class reunion last Christmas. I really wish we could make time, patch up and bond together with batchmates and classmates. Its my desire to see all my friends being successful in their career path they chose. I will be happy  to see them (my friends) who have been successful in their career in business and in their motherhood.

If there are things that could symbolize the bond that we had with my batchmates, that would be class rings from Joy Jewelers. When I look at it, it speaks so much of the bond that we have. I suggest friends and bacthmates should have that ring during class reunion. Ring symbolizes a commitment, a vow.  Just like newly weds, friends should make a vow that where ever they are, whatever the circumstances are... the friendship, love and comradery will still remain.
Oh, I love and miss all my batchmates, school mates and friends. If someone from my batch will read this, I hope they will organizeand  come up a reunion for our batch- Batch 2006. That would be very fun and exciting.

Treasure all the things that happens to you in the present, because sooner or later it will turn out to be memories- good memories to cherish.
Keep going everyone. Enjoy the evening. God bless. 

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