Thursday, January 21, 2016

AlDub: The Challenge to Thrive and Survive

Who would have thought that the whole nation will fall in love to these two showbiz underdog? Namely Alden Richards and Maine Mandoza. They are the phenomenal stars in the Philippines right now. Richards, together with his other half Maine Mendoza or better known as "Yaya dub",  they build up the the strongest phenomenal loveteam "AlDub" in the country. At midyear of 2015 their loveteam was discovered accidentally #sweetSERENDIPITY indeed. Now, they take the whole country by storm with lots of TV ads, endorsements, magazine covers,awards and recognitions, billboard, successful movie and TV series. In a span of six (6) months they already build up a large nation- they called it the "Aldub Nation" (it's the name of the millions of fans who supports the loveteam).

I'm a fan of their loveteam from the time it started... and I hope it goes to forever. I always support them all the way. I always watch the noontime show EatBulaga on replays on YouTube. I'm not an addict but a dedicated fan. I've witnessed how there loveteam flurorished and blossomed. Wishing for there love to be "real" from "reel". But the big question is, how the show will sustain and survive or how they're going to thrive? Now, it is a great challenge for them to remain in that spot- to thrive and stay on the top. It is time for the creative writers to put colors on the show, to add more juice to the storyline and refrain from being too myrsterious of the two stars. It's still good to reveal the real shot between the two. Maybe the fan will get tired of figuring out the real score. Let the two be real with themselves. Give them more time to relax- the burn out might be one of the reason some loosed sparks. They must find out and work it out the technique of survival- especially in showbusiness.

I wish them the best and hope the hype and the kilig feeling will lasts a little bit longer. Because honestly, it gives joy to many. I hope the writers and producers behind AlDub will not let the new found treasure slip in their hands. They must do something!

Let's wait and see how long the clamor takes and will the AlDub fan remains.?

Cheers to AlDub. I'll still support them all the way.

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