Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Season with the Royal Family 2016

Merry Christmas. It's the time of the year... and again  we celebrate Christmas with my family. Annually, we celebrate Christmas with different concepts. Of course, the traditional exchanging gifts and the games are present during Christmas gathering. But what is exceptional, and probably it became a tradition already with our family, is the unique pictorial. It's a not an ordinary photo shoot, but yearly we've done it in a different way. It is conceptualized based on the different themes.  Here are some of the snapshots from our pictorial last 24th. 

For this year's concept, we decided to dress like the  royal family and of course it is inspired by the royalties in United Kingdom. We decided to wear the royal wedding outfits wore by the royal families and guest during the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It's kinda weird because we're wearing thick coat  sweater in a tropical country like the Philippines. I swear, that was a sweaty photo shoot. Anyways, as long a we enjoy what we're doing, it doesn't matter anymore. 

We've been doing this annually for almost six years now. We passionately do it because it is enjoyable and it's really fun. This activity also strengthen our bond with my cousins and it also unleash our creativity.

Checkout our photos. I hope you all guys like it.

I won the "Best in Outfit" Award (so sad,  for 6 years, there's no monetary award or trophy included)

Taking  a pose with my sibs

You might be interested in our last year's concept, checkout my post here: Christmas at the Capitol
Inspired by the movie "Game of Thrones" the Capitol Cotoure.

Keep going everyone. Have a merry Christmas. Keep going and God bless.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

5 Ideas To Celebrate Holiday with a Blast

Holidays are approaching and I'm pretty much excited of the things that is going to happen this month. It's the best time for family reunions, outing and other exciting activities. It's a month long celebration of God's goodness. Let's celebrate and thank all the blessings that we received and bountiful year that we had. Here are some great ideas that you should include in your bucket list on the things that you should do on your holiday break.

1. Number one to your list, spend time with family-it's either beach outing, family dinner or island escapade, shop with your family whatever it is, it is a time well-spent. Enjoy family bonding. Have a blast. Wander- travel out of town or within the city.

2. Hangout with your beautiful friends. It's nice to have a break and spend time with the people you called friends. Make time for batch reunion and hang out with friends. Checkout korg sdd-3000 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal to make a good music jam with friends. Have fun, break-free.

3. Spend time and reflect with your inner self. It's always important to give time for yourself. Do what you love- play musical instruments, paint your canvass, learn to dance from YouTube tutorials. Bake your favorite cake and cookies, sew your Christmas outfits, swim in the wide ocean and etc. Spend time with self and drop all the stresses from work.

4. Do some charity works. Give love, share your blessings to the people who are in needs- sharing your food to the people you see in the streets, feed the beggar and less  fortunate. Share gifts to your loved ones.

5. Lastly, take some rest. Give yourself enough sleep. It is very important.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Blessed 7 Years: Happy Blogversary My Foliage Diary!

This day, seven years ago, was so memorable. It feels like yesterday when clicked the "publish" button on my blog. I had this feeling of excitement and anxiety. Anxiety, that I might not able to make it, but my excitement is overwhelming , it's just like a mom giving birth to a new born baby. It is my first time to own a domain. I don't know what to publish and I don't have any idea on the things that set to unfold.

Things pass and things changes, and I didn't expect that I'm going to reach this far. I just love my blog- this is my outlet of my inner self- my inner ego. Sometimes I'm being pessimist on many things, but as much as possible, I'm trying to be an optimist in everything- in dealing with things.

Image resultI thank everyone who chose to stay. It is a wonderful feeling when I look back on things I've posted here- from heartbreaks, moving on, life of a single, inspirational quotes and my day to day experiences . I feel really privilege to have a one of a king blog. I had a lot of experiences in my life that is all recorded in my blog. I felt like my bog is my best friend, whom I can trust.

For the past 7 year..  I thank every people who believe in me and who keep in touch with me. This calls for a celebration. I hope that you will choose to stay and believe in me..

Keep going everyone and thank you for paying a visit to my blog.

God bless everyone.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Love Music, Get a Life, Play Musical Instruments

Everyone are gifted- they are capable to do something great. Each one of us are given a talent- talent to dance, sing, draw, paint and play musical instruments. There are a lot of talents that needs to be unleash in us. It needs to be discovered and mastered. We are born talented.
For me, they say, I was born with paint brush in my hands. Since young I do really love to draw and paint. This is my inner talent which I developed and mastered. But, I still don't loose hope that I could also play musical instruments. This is my secret ultimate dream- to play at least one musical instrument.

Playing musical instrument feels like you're serenading your soul. It evokes emotional and musical experience. For me music is poetry. Music is what feelings sounds like. Playing music is a medicine of a breaking heart. Music is the song, the heart sings. See? There are lots of reason for me (for us) to love music. My love for music is eternal.

There's that urge in me to get that best guitar from guitar center or shop some of the best musical instruments in store. To play a musical instrument is my secret ultimate dream. Maybe one day, you might see me playing guitar and upload a song cover in this blog. Who knows I'll be the next music hero you will look up to- well just kidding. But, honestly, I'm very eager to try to learn. I believe, I have my right and perfect time for me  to learn all those things. It's just a perfect timing. As I've said, we are gifted- we are not an exemption.

How about you, what are your hidden talent? Maybe, it's about time for you discover your God-given talent.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy!

My Blog Comeback!

Welcome! Well it's good that we have holidays because I'll be able to update my blog. The last time I updated my blog was October 2 and it's quite long. Though I don't have luxury of time to do everything that I love to do - my blog and my other hobbies- but I always make sure that I'll be able to do some of these things when I got the chance. Lucky, that we have holidays and let's celebrate. Anyway, it's a long weekend for us because November 1 and 2 will be an "All Souls Day" and an "All Saints Day".

In all the stresses in life, I want to breakfree and do all the things that  I love- that's why I write. So here I am, writing back again. I'm redeemed! Well, it calls for a celebration. There many things to celebrate, my comeback party and this November, I'll be celebrating my "Blogiversary". It's my 8th year in blogging (with this blog). Well, almost 10 years counting all my other blogs.

I really hope that I'll be able update this blog frequently. I love to write and I love to express my idea and feelings. I just hope  that I'll improve in my writing and I also desire that my readers will learn somethings from y post.
I am just thankful and blessed for people who pays visit in my blog. I just hope and pray, that I can come up of  a greater and best content on this blog. Well, I try to have more creative writings will be posted in this blog. For now I'll just give myself a warm welcome.

Thanks everyone! God bless!

Sunday, October 02, 2016

A Day to Be Grateful

Hi everyone how are you doing? It's been a long time since I last time I updated this blog. I have a lot of things to be thankful for in that span of time. But one thing is for sure, I have so much to be thankful for. Well, nothing really change, it's just I learned to count more blessing now, than complain.

First, I am  very grateful for the gift of life. I know that God is really good to me. I thank the Lord for continually pouring out His goodness and blessing to me and to my family.
Second, I got a lot of holiday! That means I got the chance to rest and spend time with my family. I also got the chance to reflect, relax and have my "me time". Being by myself, reflecting on things is one of the great feeling ever. It gives you a sense of calmness within.
Another thing to be thankful for is that October had come. Yes, it's my birth month. Though I don't really look forward for a big event on my birthday, but still grateful that my God gave me another chance, another years to live my life. I am also grateful that finally, my problems about my pimples are gone. Finally! I'll be blogging some beauty tips and the process I go through to get  rid of that scary pimples all over my face.
I am also blessed and thankful for the material things that God entrusted to me. Well, I'm thankful that I got a new laptop. It's 14" Asus Laptop. I love it because I can still continue working even at my school (where there is no electricity). I am really grateful and I'm loving my new working buddy, my new baby (my laptop).
Lastly, I thank God for giving me life and the salvation that I now in awe of Him. Nothing compares to the greatest gift He gave- salvation through Jesus Christ!

Always count your blessings because there are countless of blessings that God is giving us.  and Keep going everyone and hope that you're having a good time. Bye for now. God bless. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sing Songs: Secret to Happiness and Successful Life

I couldn't explain how it really started but I have this feeling of comfort and happiness whenever I do some videoke at our house.  Doing karaoke or videoke  with families is a good recreational activity. Karaoke  is singing in an amplified voice with the help of a microphone. In videoke, you can select good quality songs in (minus one).
I find it very  comforting when I sing songs. Starting to sing my heart out is one ofthe bect feeling ever. It relaxes my mind and soul. It is one way of expressing your feeling through songs. Singing now is one of my stress reliever. It's kinda weird because I am one of those who has the worse voice ever, but I still have all the confidence to sing (and let the neighbors hear it out). With the right choice of song, the lyrics itself could speak whats inside your heart.

Together with my cousins and family. It strengthen the bond in our family. Karaoke with families radiates positive vibes .  Well, checkout some  good quality audio out cable for a best audio quality sounds. Don't miss the chance in acquiring good quality sound when you could really have it.
Singing radiates happiness, and happiness gives you healthy heart. Life is beautiful when it's shared with the people you love. Create music, sing songs, and spend time with people you love-  secrets to happy and successful life. The heart that sings is a happy heart. When your happy and you know it, you sing it out

Enjoy your long weekend and have a blesssed day to everyone. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Power Up Your Playlist

I have this hobby of listening to classical music and instrumental music everyday and I think it helps to ease my stress. It gives me soothing feeling. In a long busy day, when we're caught in 8-hours of work and stuck in an hour of traffic- the only way to relax and escape is through music. Yes, it works on me! And it's very effective.

I used to have pop and novelty songs on my phone, but then I deleted it for some reasons- it triggers stress. Then, I shift to listening to classical, inspirational and intrumental music. No trashy words- it's just purely music. It is truly big help to me to get rid of my depression. Played intruments - sax, violin, guitar and piano/ keyboard are some of my favorites. It gives me so much feels.

But still I keep and hope that one day I can play my favorite song in a best piano like yamaha ypg-235. I dreamed of playing my favorite song in some of the musical instruments. It would be very rewarding when you can play it, record it and listen to it all day! That would give me so much joy.

So try to powerup you playlist now. Maybe all this time, you are carrying the biggest baggage of stress in your life- reconsider thr change of music. And make some extra change on your playlist.
Keep going everyone.

My Step-by-Step Process: A Remedy to Get Rid of Pimples

Hi guys it's been a looOong days of, vacation, wait, what? Let's say  my vacation from blogging maybe.*Sigh. after all there's no room for relaxation for me. I was bombarded  with so much paper works at school. Everyday is a long tiring day that I always crave to sleep as early as possible- but it's really impossible. I still have hope that I could regain the time I've lost. After all the hardwork, sleepless night and stressful week, I gained the hateful prize of hardwork (which I do not like)- pimples all over my face.
I feel so paranoid whenever I got pimples. There's an excruciating moment of shame whenever I face people.
Just to end up my suffering, so here's the plan- a remedy actually. I hope it works. I'll blog to you the end result after my days of observation.

1. Exfoliate your skin (atleast 2-3 times per week). You need to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin. To do this, well, you just need to buy facial exfoliating products.

2. Use face toner. In my 24 years of exiting, believe it or not, I just learned the word toner. *Sarcasm. Yeah right,I just learned that our skin needs toner- to close the pores and tone your skin.

3. Use Ice cubes- to prevent pimples from swelling and help close pores. (I'll try this 3rd step) I hope this works for me.

and Lastly..
4. Have a healthy lifestyle, exercise, sleep early and rest well. Eat nutritios frood and don't stress yourself.

I am trying this simple steps now, I hope I can see the results asap. I'll tell you if it works ;).

Keep going everyone.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Music Hero

I was inspired to blog about the new segment in my favorite noon time show Eat Bulaga, it is entitled “Music Hero”. It is a segment of the show that showcases pure talent in playing the musical instruments. No loud singing and blending- it’s just purely music and harmony of the different instruments. There were different kinds instruments were played- some are guitars, drums, piano, violin, flute and etc. For me, it’s a breath of fresh air. It breaks the usual “singing contest show”. I was so amazed that they’d come up a show where the audience will just simply listen the sound of music. The audience and tele-viewers will not feel television contest, but a showcasing of talent instead. The contestants are very passionate in playing the instruments.

 I was so amazed on how they were blessed with such great talent. All my life, I’ve been dreaming of learning one musical instrument. Yes, I gave up stringed- instruments, drums and piano, this time, I'm trying to learn the woodwind instruments. I feel fascinated and relaxed to the sound of the flute. For best quality instruments, check out some woodwind instruments at this will give you great choices. I wish and I promised to myself, to play a woodwind instrument – just a piece of song- and I will be satisfied. I will because I can! In my wildest dream (actually it’s my ultimate dream) I will be a “music hero” someday. Keep going everyone. God bless.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Nostalgia For Today

I feel nostalgic. I remember good thoughts- no great memories (I wish it will happen). That exact thought of you creates sadness within me- knowing that those were just memories. It won't happen and it will never be.  

I am always a fan of Lang Leav. She made great poetry. A deep poetry... Truly beautiful.
I just love to share some of those to you.

Monday, June 06, 2016

A Father's Day Gift for A Music Lover Dad

 Time flies so fast. It feels like yesterday when we celebrated Father's Day.  Now we're approaching to the day where we honor our father. Every year we celebrated Father's Day with a simple cake and a hanky or a tee for my dad. Since, we (I and my older sister) already have a stable jobs, we find it very reasonable to buy some expensive gift for he best dad in the world.

How to choose the best gift for your dad?
It's simple, know his likes and hobbies. Since my dad loves carpentry, music and of course raising chickens... choose which one will surely makes him smile.
I'm planning to choose carpentry hand tools, musical instruments and audio speaker, since we don't much about chickens. Then, find the most accessible store where you can find the best tools or gadgets you want to have for your dad.

My dad almost have all the tools in his carpentry cabinet so carpentry tool is not a perfect idea, so I''m rooting for a musical instrument. My dad love to sing and he loves to listen his favorite music everyday, especially Sunday (family day). Since he had already a good quality guitar, I guess the perfect gift that would make him smile is to wrapped him a best quality speaker/ amplifier for his guitar. Good thing I got the music store site with great reviews for a speaker or for the guitar amp. Checkout a Code 50w reviews.
You can checkout there good quality speakers and musical instruments that are within reach and I think the prices are reasonable.

 The value of gifts doesn't measure your loved ones worth, whether it is expensive or cheap,  it is always the thought that counts. How we treat them and how we showed our love to them is the most admirable gift that we could give.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.
Keep going everyone. God bless. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Th Art of Moving On

“In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it.” — Mitch Albom

I've known many people who have been hurt by people they love and cared. And moving on is just so hard to do. The questions on when and how to start is way too difficult to answer. I'm not just talking about relationship between the opposite sex,  but I'm talking about in general-it's either the parent-child relationship, friendship or any forms of relationships.

We cannot change the fact that we are hurt. But, the way we act after hurting is a different story. It needs courage to handle the sandness and loneliness that it may caused you. Be brave, life's trials are designed to make us tougher and strong. I am not an expert, but let me help you cope up with emotional stress. Here's my "claimed" steps in moving on.

1. Cry. It's either on your favorite pillow or a stranger's shoulder (just kidding). But if it helps, go on. You need some hug.

2. Pray. Talk to God. It will lessen the pain and burden if you've talked about it. Lucky for you if you found a friend who's willing to be a friend "through ups and downs".

To be continued....

Monday, May 16, 2016

Summer Fun Workshop Recital

Train up a child the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.~Proverbs 22:6
We are molding our future generation. We are the one who influence and  gives greater impact to our young generation. Let's start by doing simple act of goodness to them that their going to impart also to their children in the future.

The moment we started our "Summer Fun Workshop 2016"activity in our church, I felt so hesitant and excited at the same time. Hesitant, because we have a lot of things to prepare, but excited because we know we can impart our talents to the kids. We started from the month of April-May (every Saturday). The workshop is for the kids to learn the musical instruments and arts like painting and drawing. Kids who enrolled in arts are taught how to draw, paint and do some crafts. While those who enrolled in the music class are trained on how to play the instruments like guitar, keyboard and drums (basic and advanced).It's so fascinating to see them learn and play the instruments. Musical instrument players deserves the best musical instruments. Upgrade your musical instruments, for learners and music guru, checkout guitar center plano. It is the right place where you can find the great selection of guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, percussions and etc.

It is very overwhelming to be part of this significant activity. Finally, May 15 is the day for our "Recital". I am very emotional and overwhelmed seeing those kids showcasing their talents by presenting an artwork and playing the different musical instruments. It paids off our effort and sacrifices. I can see to those kids the future of potential artists- great artists indeed. I can see a generation who are passionate in music and arts. I am rooting to those talented kids. I hope that those kids are willing to step up and build a generation of artists who are willing to use their talents to serve others and most especially to offer their talents to God.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy your remaining weeks for an enjoyable and memorable summer activities. God bless. :)

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

One Vote, One Leader, One Future

I am breaking my silence with regards to the  Philippine politics and the upcoming National Election this May 9. I couldn't take it anymore. I am so sick and tired seeing news of "black propaganda" in all my news feeds in Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. It is so frustrating that people are divided according to it's "political-party-colors" (e.i. Red, Yellow, Blue, White) The sad truth, these colors in the Philippine flag should unite people, but this time it divides. These  four colors are united in one flag- the Philippine flag.

What is really going on? This campaign period really sucks. Many good friends unfriended each other because the other one says against the candidate he/she's supporting and vice versa. I don't really express directly about my political views and I couldn't endorse or campaign directly for a specific candidate since I am a teacher- and it is against the law. But I would express my random rants here in my blog.
Yes, there are great people who qualified to run as President- and I don't question their educational credibility. All the presidentiable have great educational backgrounds, Some came from a well-off family. Indeed, they do have flaws but I am not rooting for educational background and flaws of candidates to prove their credibility. I am rooting for  a leader who has the heart to embrace his/her "responsibility", who love his country and who has the "servant heart" (of course credible enough in all aspects). This country and its people are so sick and tired of a "traditional" politician who (not all but some) give all  promises just for the sake of "good public image". People are all sick and tired corrupt government and isip-talangka  (crab mentality) of some government officials. The country  becomes the home of the ugliest mudslinging political campaign. This kind of  mudslinging snit fight must stop.

People of the Republic of the Philippines want to have real change. We are demanding for a clean government. We want a leader who has the genuine intentions to change this country... to suppress crime, drugs and corruption. I want a leader who implements good governance and discipline. I want a leader who thinks and decides not for himself but for the benefit of the Filipino people. We want a government not just for the elites but for the lowly and the ordinary.

I believe, my vote counts. I am voting not for myself but for my future generation. This is our time to wake up. If you truly love your country, I urge you not to sell your votes. It is our freedom to choose, don't allow money to influence your freedom & decision in choosing the right leader. The power is in our hands- the power to choose the next President of the Republic of the Philippines.
Please, be A RESPONSIBLE VOTER! Always keep in mind that your One VOTE will define the fate of a LEADER and that  one LEADER could change our destiny... our FUTURE.
So VOTE WISELY! #PiliPinas2016

Keep going everyone. Let's all pray for a peaceful and truthful election :)
*Photos credits to the owner.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Embrace the Pain. Enjoy the Silence

PS. To my blog readers/visitors, I apologize if some of my blog posts (recently) are somewhat contradicting to my blog theme- which is radiating happiness and enjoyment. Sometimes we go through some of the valleys in our lives that we're left with no one to talk to but with our dearest loyal blog. (So please bare with me).

Why is it so hard to express thy feelings? Many people are having a hard time expressing their true feelings. Just like me,  I used to be a melancholic and an introvert- keeping self-thought and ideals private as much as I can. That is why expressing my real feelings is so hard to do. Knowing the real feelings I have inside is like digging up gold mine. You have to earn my trust before I could give you full details of my thought. Anyway, who cares about my thoughts? People now days are very selfish that they're too concern of their feelings and forget to check out on others, like saying "hey are you ok?" The sad truth is, only few/ or none who possessed it. Yep, it's a sad truth. I'm not a pessimist but I used to think that way. "The least you expect it, the least hurt you could receive". Expecting from someone is  really hard to do.

So, here I am sharing my thoughts into a small box trying to compose some thoughts. And sometimes, my mind is battling whether to click the publish or save button in the upper right side of the screen. Whatever it is, it's good to express ones ideas and feelings Sometimes, we make ourselves busy so we could hide feelings, but honestly we counldn't hide the loneliness a person could feel. All of us has been through many valleys, hardships, trials but the most  deadly of all is loneliness. It kills the very you! This is where temptation comes- because we are sooO weak and lonely.

"You are victim of your mind". 
Which is very true to us. We are what we think to be. The pain of loneliness could really pierce the heart, but it all starts in the mind triggered with negative thoughts. Be not the victim of your own mind, it's deadly. Before it's too late, before the anger and pride eat up your good character, fight it! Be guarded with God's word and your principles. We have to learn the hard way. Life is tough and problems comes along the way. Embrace the pain and enjoy the silence. Embrace it but, don't get too lost in your emotions. Trials do come and loneliness pours. Problems and loneliness passes by but don't you dare to make a room for it. It's allowed to pass, but to let it reside in your  thoughts? It's a big no! no!

Enjoy the silence. Through silences, it will taught us to re-shape our focus. Choose what motivates you- to see what is important.-To trust God. No matter what. Sometimes, what we think is important now is definitely not filling whatever void you might [think you] have. Only God can fill up that void within us. What matters now is that you understand what it means to REMAIN IN HIM, gaze at Him and be content in Him. I pray that whatever kind of "loneliness" you're/ we're going through today, I hope that you/ we may find REST and  find the One who can give it to you. It's JESUS!
My dear friend,
Hang on there!! He said, He will never leave you nor forsake you.
PS: Through this way (writing), I can express how I felt and be encouraged in it ;)

Monday, April 04, 2016

Seasonal Activities to Remember

Lately, I've posted a blog regarding my summer experience at the beach. It is very overwhelming. I got a perfect time to enjoy and relax for awhile. I've been dreaming for a day to go out  and go to the beach to relax. The feel of sand and salty water flowing through my feet is tranquil. I feel the calmness inside me.

But long summer heat  burns me out. Summer started too early that I could no longer see green grasses. All were dried. Plants in our school could hardly survive. I don't love it anymore. People prefer to be at home than to be burn under the heat of the sun. No more rain :( and it frustrates me (since I'm a pluviophile). I love summer outing with friends and family but, my melancholic side of me demands rain ( and hope to experience winter). I started to miss my "home alone day"/ my "me time". Summer outing is exciting but rainy season and winter season is more interesting. I wish to experience winter and feel comforted with Cozy Winters. I always dream to experience winter. To stay at home, read my favorite book, observe snowflakes falling on the rooftop and feel the heat of the fire in the fireplace- what a wonderful feeling. For me, winter was made for large blankets and large books. For an introvert like me, it is so wonderful feeling to feel the cold wind as you soround yourself with cozy winter clothes.

Winter season really excites me. I cannot imagine how people survives in a big and cold freezer. But thank God for cozy winters. That really help- big help!

Whatever season it is- any of the four seasons- I find it very magical. It is really magic seeing trees fall leaves, grass withers,  flowers blossoms and spring bring new life.This all I wish in life- to witness to witness the transition of these seasons right in front of me.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy every season of your life!

My Kinda Start of Summer

It's so good to feel the summer breeze. That feeling to be at the beach is so overwhelming.  I can't express how I felt- the feel of sand and salt water flowing through your feet, the smell of the salty air and the relaxing sound of the waves simply gives me the feeling of tranquility.
I am melancholic, loner and introvert person and being far away from the crowd, busy streets and people is like a safe haven for me. I feel the calmness and peacefulness inside me- which I craved for a long time.

We had a great time with my Grade 10 students. We were there at the beach to celebrate because finally their moving up to Senior High. It is very unforgettable for me because we got the chance to bond together- with my co-teachers and students. That was an overnight activity. We had fun games, retreat activities and an overnight film showing. I guess, this is good for all of us- to give ourselves a break. To spend quality time at the beach ;)

Everything happened for a reason. I thank God for that outing ( aside from our safe trip going there) I got the chance to reflect on myself. I got the chance to have a peacefulmind and get rid of depression. It's good that I'm quite back on track. I hope this will be the start.

In everything I give thanks to God. It's not easy handling problems. Everything tat I'v been going through will just come to pass. All I need is to trust on yourself and believe that greater things are coming.
Thanks to the beach oting. I really had fun. Till next time friends. I hope you too enjoyed your summer. Enjoy your summer vacay! God bless.
That summer heat feels.. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Midnight Soundtrack is Good for the Soul

 Thank God, I got the chance to blog again, since it's a long weekend and it's a holy week.
While blogging, I'm also enjoying my night music sound trip. It is very motivational and therapeutic. Listening to the music every  night could ease the feeling of sadness, loneliness, but many times it triggers the feelings. Whatever it is, I just love the feeling listening to the sound of music.Music helps us reminisce some great memories that fades away. The lyrics of the songs could penetrate the deepest portion of your heart.

One day, I dreamed to play one musical instrument. I just love the feeling to play an instrument. Forget the people around and simply lost in playing the song. If I could really master the piano or keyboard that would be very fantastic. I would probably bring it where ever I go. With the help of miko case, I could play everywhere. It would be very convenient for me to carry. Oh, I hope somebody could teach me how to play at least one musical instrument.

I am just amazed how music could really penetrate your soul- it's either pierce you, break you or complete you. One song can change you, or change ones' perspective. You just choose what it could bring you- happiness or loneliness. After all, music is made lighten up or soul and bring inspiration to many. Though I couldn't sing that well, but I'm always be a music lover.
Enjoy your holy week.
God bless everyone. Keep going.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Constant Pursuit of God... Hope for the Unhappy Christian

I never felt so alone in my entire life- just now. I felt so scared and doubtful. Maybe it's because of the sins that I've been committing and the my act stubbornness towards people and towards God  keep me away from Him. I can't help myself but to cry out to God for mercy. I'm praying that the God of Heavens sees me and rescue me from this brokenness and emptiness that I felt inside. This turmoil inside me is what keeps me from being miserable and keep me away from God.

The struggle inside me is what makes me fighting. Fighting the spiritual battle. Fighting against the enemies realms.  This time, I wanna make right with God. This is the prayer of my soul. For God to intervene... because honestly, I cannot fight and win this battle. Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. Our discontentment leads to wishful but hopeless (and sometimes suicidal) thinking. But know that God is continually pursuing us. He won't give up on us. Our only hope of curing this discontentment and unhappiness is learning the art of contentment and embracing a biblical view of God. Those two things are essential for our joy.
I have a lot of things to say but my words is not enough to contain the weighs of my heart.
Just continue to believe and pray. God is with us to fight this internal battle. Trust in Him.
Keep going everyone. God bless. :)

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Foodie Buddy

Do you find comfort in food?
Well, food is the most primitive form of comfort for many people.
Sometimes, when we are broken hearted and depressed we can find comfort in the food that we eat. I am not a fan of eating. I don't eat a lot. I always go in a restaurant because of its ambiance. But when I'm alone, food is the best buddy I can have. They are like bestfriends to me. The best part when I'm stressed is that I walked and wander around the city and when I get tired, I eat. I'm a typical loner who loves to eat by myself, but feels scared to eat in restaurant especially if it's my first time there.

I thank God for restaurants. I thank them for inventing food. Yes, it's pathetic  to"eat and cry" at the same time but I've tried it many times. While many really wants to find someone they can talk to when their sad and lonely, but me? I prefer to be alone and eat. Being silent and savouring the  food that I prefer to eat alone is one of the best feeling ever (even though it tastes bitter many times). For me, it's one of my stress reliever.

Though eating alone is usually my habit, but I don't want that it will come a time that I will be used to it. I just wish that someday, there will be someone who will care to invite me for a meal and just simply listen to me... maybe a friend or a lover (lol). Whoever she/he is, I will be thankful to her/him because I will no longer rely in my "food buddy" but to my "foodie buddy".

all kind of pasta is the best for me, but this one is exceptional

one of the best tuna sandwich I've ever tasted

I love the feeling when I savor these *one of my favorite foods*. They're the best!!! I love to comeback in this restaurant. I can't recall the name, but one day I'll come back here with a friend or a lover (hihihi)!

Friday, February 19, 2016

My 7 Beauty Hacks of Petroleum Jelly

Hi everyone, happy weekend.It's great time for me to blog again since its weekend. I really love to keep updated and blog about good stuff and helpful tips for all of you guys.

I'm very excited to blog it to you. It it my latest beauty product discovery. Petroleum jelly is stock up in my closet for almost a year and unexpectedly, found out it's benefits to me and probably to everyone. Well, I've been sharing and recommending this beauty hacks to some of my friends already and I'm quite excited to share this on my blog.
I found it very miraculous to experience the magic of "petroleum jelly" or it is popularly known as Vaseline. Well, I can testify how it really works on me personally. Aside from it is affordable, petroleum jelly is a mutlitasking miracle cream. It's really beneficial, trust me.

Here are 7 beauty hacks or beauty tips as they called it, that really works on me and gives extra moisture and improvement to my skin. It did a great job as my newest beauty product. Here are some of my beauty experience:

1. It lengthen and define lashes. It's a big yes to me. I swear it does a big improvement on my lashes. For almost 2 weeks of using petroleum jelly, I can clearly observe the changes and the improvement of my lashes. It thickens my lashes without even using mascara. And  it also helps my lashes grow faster (I think so).

2. It reduces and heals skin redness on my body and allergies . Good thing I found petroleum jelly at my closet, though it was stock in the long period of time ( I just used it for my project) but still it works miraculously. I decided to applied it on my body every night and viola! my skin allergy and skin redness which I suffered for how many years  were all gone. I can say it is a miracle. I thank God for petroleum jelly and of  course, God's healing power. I swear, skin redness is gone totally. * Sorry I cannot identify the kind of skin disease since I haven't gone to the doctor to consult about it from the time it started.

3. It smoothen the hair and eliminate hair split-ends. I think it does. I'm still on the process of observating. My hair had gone so many tough times- hair ironing, hair rebond, hair coloring and etc. In short, it was totally damaged. Well, still I can feel and see the changes--so far. It does lessen the split ends and makes my hair more smooth.

4. It makes my lips more kissable. Just kidding! Well applying petroleum jelly on my lips makes it really smoother and it looks healthier. I don't have beautiful heart-shaped lip to brag about, but at least it's smooth and healthy.

5. It  soothe dry cuticles and smoothen your hand. Use a pea-size amount of Vaseline for all ten fingers to soften and soothe scraggly, cracked cuticles. Apply it all over your hands. It makes your hands and palm smoother. It gives you more confidence whenever your guy tries to hold your hand. Go girl!

6. It prevent chaffing. Areas known to be dry like your toes, elbow and cracked heels will be moisturized. Those are prone areas for dryness. I do believe "petroleum jelly" could do it's job.  I'm new to this, but so far I can observe some improvement.

7. It moisturizes, soothe your skin and lessen wrinkles on your face. (Crossed fingers on this!) I haven't tried it yet, but wanna add it to my night ritual. I've been reading some positive reviews about it and I think it does work to many. Petroleum jelly is a classic medicine or a beauty product that every woman (or probably man) should have.

*Note, I applied Vaseline petroleum every night and haven't tried it at day time. The results, effects and side effects may vary. Your skin might be different from mine, so it's about time for you to explore and try it for yourself.
Please, don't hesitate to leave your comments below. I am welcoming all your feedback and personal experiences of the product.
*Note, this is not a paid ad.
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Love Day: It Pays to Wait But it's Always Worth the Wait.

Happy LOVE day to everyone.
Hearts Day, Love Day, Valentines Day... whatever they called it- truly love is in the air. Spend time with your loved ones today.

In many years that I've been celebrating this day as single, this is the first time that I feel so secured and loved. Though there are trials and misunderstandings that happen but, I can't stop myself but to believe that great days are coming ahead. I hope you feel the same way too.

"Love day" is not just for lovers, but for everyone who has the capacity to love  and be loved. There are many types of love- a love for family, for friends, for lovers and a love for God. I am blessed and thankful that despite all the rejections by other people, I am pretty sure that the love of God is for forever. And that's the greatest thing that I can hold on to. Celebrate love and be inspired. Love people even though they can't love you back. Give love without asking love in return. It's free to love- so love someone as many as you can. Share and spread the love.

To all the single woman out there who is waiting for their right love to come this is for you. It's crazy, but I feel really great today. While reading this poem entitled "Postcard" by Lang Leav it gives me extra strength to wait... to embrace the process of waiting.

This is a poem entitled  "Postacard" written for someone he loves... his future love. ( I've written a letter before entitled "Love Letter for my Future Husband" in my other blog, but I feel so sad because I can't retrieve the blog anymore so as the letter). But I am still thankful in this poetic words written by Lang Leav because it greatly represents the same thoughts and feelings I've felt while writing that letter. Thank you Lang Leav for reincarnating my "Love Letter to my Future Husabnd" into a poem "Postcard".
I hope you like the poem. Feel the love...


Until then, think of me, dream of me and I will do the same.
One day I will learn your name, and I will write it somewhere on this page. 
And we will realise that we have known each other all along. <3

My undying motto about waiting~ It pays to wait, but it's always worth the wait.

Monday, February 08, 2016

I Need an Extra Room, Please?

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. To all my friends and kababayan  who are Chinese... Kung Hei Fat Choy. :) I hope you all enjoy your long weekend and your holiday break. It's holiday! So, it's no time for work.

Since its holiday, it would have been a great day for me to chill and relax but unfortunately,  I got no chance to do it because the whole house is crowded with the bunch of teenagers.  My younger sister's classmates came and stayed the whole day in the house to do their research and projects. My planned relaxation is all gone now. My "me time" never happen :-( Our house is very small and it seems that it is not enough to accommodate them all.

Anyway, the "me time" relaxation never happen, but I got the chance to have a "dream time". While it's very noisy outside our room, I had a great time to dream a lot. And one of those is the dreams for our house renovation. That's all I wish. I've been planning to have our second floor in our house. The ground floor is not enough especially if you have many visitors at home. To have a two story house is one of my dreams.
There's no harm in dreaming big. I also wish that I could have a private place for me where I can rest, relax and paint. Right now, we are all in the same small bedroom with my siblings. I want a small room where I can stay private, but I also want it to be a convertible bedroom where my siblings can stay. Using the grant door hardware for lofts it's possible to have two small rooms convertible into a big room. Grant door is very popular and useful in the classroom, in the house and in the office nowadays.
We have the same bedroom with my siblings  but (many times) I love to have a little space or room for myself. It's good to stay private and it's also good to stay together with your siblings- for us to be closer. A grant door for loops is perfect for our room.

These are all my dreams- a better home and I'm hoping for a better house for my family. Anyway, it's Chinese new year and it's free to dream. It's good to have plans and goals for 2016 rather than plan nothing at all. I believe this plans and dreams will come to pass and it will always come at the right time. *wink.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Random Thought: It's the Simple Thing that Counts

Random thought: It is about knowing the smallest, the little detail of your life that counts the most...

Currently: Writing a blog at 11 o'clock in the evening of the January 31st. It's pretty amazing when you realize it's an hour away to February. Before this month end, I would like to express some random thought that disturbs my mind in this silent evening.
Actually, I'm in the perfect mood to blog. Plus, I'm just right here at my favorite place to hangout- here in my room at the right corner of my bed illuminated by the purple lampshade. Truly, it's my "clean well-lighted place" for me. The perfect ambiance convinced me to compose a blog and reflect on the things- my random thoughts that disturb the silent evening.

I started to think of my dreams, my ambitions, and my secret desires. As it flashed right in front of me, it lingered for a while but it suddenly fades away. It's just a minute or second, it vanished. But, I still put my hope and have faith that someday, somehow all my dreams will come to pass.

What I have right now are the simple things... the little details of my life. While waiting for that dream to happen, I start to compose myself and get to know who I am. It's the  simple things count. People may not know me well, my family cannot answer about my favorite book, author, fav food and favorite place to hangout... but, I do exactly know that I can answer it all. I want to emphasize that those are exactly the things we need to do- to know better oneself. To love!

Have a glimpse of the little things you love about, the simple things you love to do and the tiny pieces of your hearts desire that you want to happen... think of it...  and just do it! Big dreams frustrate us, it stressed us- especially if you waited for it and you wanted for it so badly but nothing happens. That's the main reason why we lose our focus. Why not try to do the little things and be happy about it. Start reading your book you purchased at the bookstore, cook your favorite food and share it with your family. But you can do both- cook your favorite food and eat it while reading your newly purchased book or sleep early and take some rest. Life would be very simple if you don't complicate things too much. Big Dreams are good. I'm not hindering you to dream, but life would be satisfying if we accomplish those tiny, little, simple things in our life. It gives exact happiness we've all been wanting. We will live a satisfied and complete life if we appreciate all of it.

"When you start appreciating tiny, little and simple things in your life, you will be amazed and appreciate more of the BIG and GREAT things that will come to you." It's all about focus. Simple things counts.

Have a great day everyone. Keep going and God bless.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy 28th Year Anniversary to my Mama and Papa

Finally, the plans are all set. We had a wonderful evening with my family. My sister bought food for us while I bought my favorite cake and a wine. This simple celebration is just a glimpse of how proud I am to have parents like them. For me, 28 years of marriage is already an accomplishment. The secret to a good marriage is honesty, trust, and care. These are just my thought, but truly worth to keep.

I am just wishing and hoping that the kind of love they've shared with is each other is an inspiration for us.   I hopw that they'll continue to love and care for each other. Don't allow your husband to run out of love towards you. Love comes along the journey. What's bound to happen will always find its way. *giggles

Here's the snapshot of them during our small and yet a wonderful anniversary celebration.  Keep  Keep going everyone. This post is the simplest letter and gift that I could give.
Keep going everyone. Enjoy your day :D

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Save the Date: Dinner with My Family at the 28th

Let's all celebrate love. It's not February yet but you can already feel the valentine spirit. Truly, love is in the air. Yep, it's not an ordinary week for the family. Actually, it's my mom and dad's 28th wedding anniversary. It's going to be their 28th years on the 28th. Twenty eight years is already a good number to celebrate. I am planning to have a simple surprise for my mom and dad. I just want to celebrate their lasting love and relationship. Their  patience and understanding to one another are one of the great value they imparted to us- their children. And I just want to make this simple surprise as a way of thanking them, because, without them, I wouldn't be here also.heheh. Kidding aside, the years they've been together calls for a great celebration.

So what are my plans? Well, I'm going to have a little budget, but I'll make sure it's worthwhile and memorable. I'm planning to buy a cake- of course. I want to have a candle on top to look more sincere. I also planned to have balloons shaped in numbers "2" and "8". I'm going to prepare and cook a dish for our family dinner- oops! I don't know how to cook. (I hope it works in following recipe books). Wine could also be romantic. And of course, good table setting and setup can lit up the place. So, bring it on! The premier table linens fitted round tablecloth  would be a great fit to perfect my arrangement.Round table cloth is really perfect for romantic setup. I'm just hoping that everything goes well according to my plans. And I hope I could buy  a simple gift for them. Though material things may fade, but the memories and the thought that we remembered and celebrated their love is priceless.

I really appreciate my parents and I love them so much. I hope we can have dinner together with my family. It's been a long time already since we have dinner together as family- since we have busy schedules. Rarely we have dinner together as a family- sometimes during weekend. I hope all things work together. Though there are some family problems, but better communication is the key to a harmonuos life. And best communication are done over dinner. And dinner is better when we eat together. And food tastes better when you eat it with your family.

I wanna leave this photo to you because this photograph speaks a thousand words.
Happy 28th wedding anniversary to my mom and dad. I love you :D

Thursday, January 21, 2016

AlDub: The Challenge to Thrive and Survive

Who would have thought that the whole nation will fall in love to these two showbiz underdog? Namely Alden Richards and Maine Mandoza. They are the phenomenal stars in the Philippines right now. Richards, together with his other half Maine Mendoza or better known as "Yaya dub",  they build up the the strongest phenomenal loveteam "AlDub" in the country. At midyear of 2015 their loveteam was discovered accidentally #sweetSERENDIPITY indeed. Now, they take the whole country by storm with lots of TV ads, endorsements, magazine covers,awards and recognitions, billboard, successful movie and TV series. In a span of six (6) months they already build up a large nation- they called it the "Aldub Nation" (it's the name of the millions of fans who supports the loveteam).

I'm a fan of their loveteam from the time it started... and I hope it goes to forever. I always support them all the way. I always watch the noontime show EatBulaga on replays on YouTube. I'm not an addict but a dedicated fan. I've witnessed how there loveteam flurorished and blossomed. Wishing for there love to be "real" from "reel". But the big question is, how the show will sustain and survive or how they're going to thrive? Now, it is a great challenge for them to remain in that spot- to thrive and stay on the top. It is time for the creative writers to put colors on the show, to add more juice to the storyline and refrain from being too myrsterious of the two stars. It's still good to reveal the real shot between the two. Maybe the fan will get tired of figuring out the real score. Let the two be real with themselves. Give them more time to relax- the burn out might be one of the reason some loosed sparks. They must find out and work it out the technique of survival- especially in showbusiness.

I wish them the best and hope the hype and the kilig feeling will lasts a little bit longer. Because honestly, it gives joy to many. I hope the writers and producers behind AlDub will not let the new found treasure slip in their hands. They must do something!

Let's wait and see how long the clamor takes and will the AlDub fan remains.?

Cheers to AlDub. I'll still support them all the way.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Music of Love

Who can't resist to stare at this man? The man named Alden Richards- a phenomenal star in the Philippines. This picture is not just a picture of a "pretty boy" or a "boy next door" look, but I can see a guy who is passionately in love... to music.

Richards, in the other hand, is inclined to music (as a singer not on musical instruments).  I find it very sexy and attractive if a man knows how to play musical instruments.  I admire him more when he tried to learn the musical instrument  to pursue the girl he loves. Though, it's just in a TV series acting, but I can't stop myself to fall in love to this guy. I can clearly see how passionate and perfect gentleman he is. I just love the idea of the "old school" type of courtship. Where the man serenades the woman he loves.

I can see his hardship while learning the instrument. Playing musical instruments is very hard- especially the guitar. You have to press the strings in the other side and strum the strings in the other hand, modify the tune and etc. I tried it once and it drives me crazy. Good thing, today it is made easy with tremol-no. It is perfect for electric guitars in tuning and modifying the sound. Two thumbs up tp this high-tech goodie.

Serenity is inclined to the word serenade. It is called harana in our country. Good job for the man who still use this effective tactic- captivating a woman's heart with music. They say if you can't speak to the girl you love, go get your guitar and let it do the speaking. Music could be the best voice of the heart.

I am not a music lover but, ideally, people eventually fall in love to the man who can play music instrument. Though we cannot touch music, but surely music can touch you. Music speaks what cannot be expressed. The sincerity and passion of the person can be felt  from the instrument through the heart. It speaks love.
Music can give us a great escape. It gives us freedom and the feeling of Love.

For me, I will not stop asking and praying to God to send me a man who will serenade me as I started walking that aisle on a white dress. It feels like walking towards my destiny. I want that man to play instruments and serenades me. The man who will let me feel the music of love for the rest of my life. <3

Keep going everyone. God bless. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Woah! Time runs so fast. I couldn't believe I am now posting my second blog post about "Sunday Currently". It feels like only yesterday when I did my first "Sunday Currently" blog post. Checkout my first blog post here -- THE SUNDAY CURRENTLY | 01 
Though I'm a little bit tired and sleepy, but still I'll try my very best to be sincere and honest in posting. So here it is. I hope you enjoyed reading my first post. ;-)
Reading my Payu2blog assignments, just checking if there are available opportunities to blog about. Oh, I'm not blogging just to earn, I'm always sincere (as much as possible) even if it's a paid ad post.
Listening to the sound of our ceiling fan. It's quite loud so I clearly hear the " don't know why it sounds like that.." sound. heheh :D
Thinking many things... everything. Overthinking ? Thinking about  my family, the things to do tomorrow, work and work. It's Monday, so it's back to work. I have to work or else I will be kicked out in my job. I love my job!. and lasly... Thinking about DJC. (haha that man lels!). 
Smelling effecascent oil. It's a menthol body rub and it has a soothing smell. It is perfect for body massage. My younger sister is applying it and it happens she's just near me. 
Wishing for great weekdays and a happy life. I think everyone is wishing for it. I hope this could happen to me.
Hoping  a healthy lifestyle. Right now, I'm making a promise to sleep early today. I hope I can make it- finish this post just enough to reach my targeted sleeping hour. 
Wearing my favorite red cotton short pants and spaghetti sleeveless top. Comfy ;)
Loving my new lampshade. It's my new favorite. Gotcha! I love my purple lampshade... perfect for a double deck bed. It's helping. Now I can clearly see the letters in my lappy. 
Wanting to find the love of my life.Hahaha. Kidding. But still wanting the one that is rightfully made just for me. I like  the guy who happens to be a teacher- but not from our school.  I hope that his the one (fingers crossed)! We used to bump into each other many times already- and I think it's sweet SERENDIPITY! 
Needing allowance. Salary. I need to by my beauty care products.
Feeling confused. I wonder if this feeling is worth fighting for or do I need to make an end of this? ATM Experiencing an emotional dilemma. :-(
Whatever things I posted right now, there's one thing I've realized. It undergoes change. Everything happens in some reasons. Everything changed suddenly. Sunday Currently 01 is different to Sunday Currently 02. Everything happens for a reason and it has a complete uniqueness. God made and weave our everyday experience so unique that today's day is different from the other. 
Keep going everyonee. I hope you enjoyed my post. * wink. - Lynn

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Foliage Diary's New Skin: The Story Behind the New Blog Theme

Happy new year everyone. It's 2016. So, expect for new opportunities and new adventure. Let's get it on! This year, I am looking forward to share to you my fun and exciting 2016 with you guys. Please, stay in touch to my blog as we share different experiences and memorable moments together.

Since it's new year, My Foliage Diary is giving you a new face this year. Thank God I finally finished my blog's new skin. As you can observe, if you're a regular visitor to this blog, you can clearly observe the changes to my blog. Yep. I finally made it. After how many months of struggling to achieve a new blog skin, yeah, I did it. I nailed it. I love the result of my hard work. As you can see, the upper part of the blog is a carefree woman, adventurous and free. It is what I want to express in this blog. I want to be a power woman who can freely express herself without hesitations and fear of what other people say... And the color? Oh, I love the color of this blog. It is one of my favorite so, I really tried hard to achieve this peachy-colored blog. Enjoy my peach colored blog.

Here's  a snapshot of my blog on how it looks like for almost 4 years in blogging...

It's a cartooned type of blog theme. Cartoon  is too far from reality. Though, I love its colorful effect but still it is trapped into fantasy. And the woman in the side? She's sitting in front of the laptop- that's how I really look like during my blogging years. For how many years I didn't see any wrong about this picture, until the time I see it as a workaholic woman. I don't want to be that woman. It needs to be change- a new perspective and a brighter view of life should come arise. 

So, here comes a new blog theme. A very versatile woman, power woman, free and joyful. I wanna be that woman. That's my goal for 2016! You can clearly see the sunrise and she's heading in that direction.  Plus, the blog just simply says... this is REALITY! No need for fantasy, because reality will work out when you live it happily. :-)

Keep goin' everyone. I hope you enjoyed my blog's new look.
God bless. Have a great day.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Music: The Voice of the Soul

It's already midnight. All people and in the neighborhood are already asleep. And me? I'm right here blogging at the wee hours of the night. Honestly, there are so many things going in my head right now, –mostly things that I shouldn’t be (spending so much time) thinking about. I just can't contain how I felt at this moment.  I'm being nostalgic and feeling emotional. I feel happy and sad at the same time. Maybe because I've been through some ups and downs this past few months. Or these unexplainable feelings are caused by the music that is playing in my YouTube playlist and its tingling in my ear.

As I  listen to some acoustic guitar covers on YouTube, it gives me a nostalgic and unexplainable feeling. I feel sad, in love and relaxed at the same time. The songs were played in an acoustic guitar. The music it creates calms your soul. Music is also therapeutic in relieving stress. I'm very willing to learn any musical instrument-acoustic guitar probably- to ease any pain and calm my disturbed heart. As I see, it gives happiness to the man as he gently strummed its strings. If it's the only way to relax my stressful mind, then purchasing one could be a great idea. Lucky for me, I found ibanez acoustic electric and it could be perfect for this plan. Actually, it's already in my wishlist (I hope it's not too late for a Christmas gift, please!)

Well, music gives you life. I couldn't imagine the world without music. I thank the Lord for musicians who composed and play instruments to serenade the heart. We could express our feelings through listening and playing music. We can express it through singing or in playing musical instruments. Music can express what you cannot speak. It soothes the mind and gives you rest for a while. Music is the voice of the soul. Music is the reflection of what you go through. Keep the music playing in your hearts. When you feel lonely, sad, happy or you can't feel anything at all... just play music. It will teach you how to fly. But, always choose the right music and know where it's leading you.

Alright! It's time to sign off. I hope you enjoyed and learn something from this post.
Keep going everyone. Have a great day.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


This is my first time to post this type of blog post. I have read some popular blogs from my favorite celebrity, Maine Mendoza's blog to be exact. She also got the idea from the other blogger and I find it very interesting to post such kind of blog posts. It is entitled The Sunday Currently. I think it is very fun and ceative, so I'm gonna try this also in my blog. Would you like to try it too.?
Sunday is a family day, but I was left  alone at home because everyone in the family went to church today. I stayed at home coz I have coughs and colds- SICK in short. Well then it's the second Sunday of January, but still I can't get over of the Christmas break.LOL. I demand a loooong vacation!
So here it is. I'm so excited to do this!
Reading some of my old blog post. I'm kinda nostalgic today so I was browsing my old posts- did a random reading from 2010 to present blog post. Heheh I'm enjoying my grammar, though. I am also reading some FB comments from my recently uploaded photos and some comments from my crush's photos- shh don't call me a stalker!
Listening droplets of rain in our rooftop. I'm a pluviophile, remember? It seems a sound to my ear. I'm loving it. So expect that I can make at least 3 and more blog posts today (because it's raining!)
Thinking. To be honest, there are so many things going in my head right now, –mostly things that I shouldn’t be (spending so much time) thinking about. #1 I  am thinking about the guy who just stole my attention. I wonder if we could meet again. #2 It's back to work tomorrow (monday) and I was assigned as the OIC since our school head is not around. I don't know, but I feel like I'm not a good at it- to be a leader. #3 Thinking for a good med to ease my cough. It's a struggle for me for how many days now and tomorrow is back to work, but still sick. :-(
Smelling nothing. Not anything. I can't smell the good food. I can't even smell the pasta that I'm eating. Yeah! I'm sick so blame it to my cough and colds.
Wishing to see him again. (naku! tinamaan na atah ako). hahahh. Wishing that things would be better- relationships for me and for the whole family.  And also more opportunities for this blog.
Hoping  for the good weekdays ahead. Start of work tomorrow, and hoping everything goes well.
Wearing blue short pants and a stripes tank top. Wearing my makeup (of course!) even at home.
Loving my new blog skin or theme. I've been working for it for how may hours this morning and I'm excited to blog about it. Of course, if you frequently visit my blog, you can observe the changes.
Wanting to have a peace of mind, relaxation and go far away from stress. *sigh
Needing more and more sleep. I had sleep deprivation due to my own actions and I wanna make it right.
Feeling stressed and depressed. But  happy. I don't know. I am not bipolar, but some things are bothering me. I can't express how I feel right now. Maybe in some time. 
I hope you enjoyed my post. This is somewhat-kinda slambook blog post and do it every Sundays'. Hope you guys had a great time! Have a great week ahead! Keep going. God bless. 

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Beauty Talk: EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain Review

Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I hope you're having a good time this weekend. Mine? I already have one- that is when we went to the pizza house with my new classmates in my masters class. I'll be blogging about it later.

Well, the reason I posted this blog because I'm very excited to show to you my new found favorite lip wear. Yeah, this is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not a fanatic of a lippy, and glossy lipstick or a lip balm because I find it too greasy. I really want to have a natural red-lip look.Well, my search is over. Thanks to this Everbilena Advance Lip and Cheek Stain. I  fell in love to this product. It's not glossy. It gives your lip just a tint of red. It appeals as natural. When I first tried the product, so far, there's no allergic reaction on my lip- I don't know about the cheek because  haven't tried it yet.

Been looking for it for so long, thank God I found it at Watsons. Watsons are located in any supermall near you. The product is very good- I'll give it 9 out of 10 as it's rate. Plus, the price is so cheap you can buy it for only  135 Php. Yes, it leaves a red stain in your lip, but it will not leave a mark in your glass or clothes. It has a bitter-sweet so you better not lick it- unless you love its taste.

Those who doesn't like greasy and glossy lipstick,  I highly recommend this product. Or you can also use it along with your favorite lip gloss or lip balm (it's up to you). Well, it's not a paid ad! It's my simple and honest product review. Two thumbs up for this lip tint.

 here's the 20ml. squeeze tube, I just purchased it last week, so I cannot say how many months it can sustain you (maybe, it depends on how you frequently apply it!)

Here it is, I haven't tried it on my cheek so I just crop my picture. Anyways, it really looks good on my lip. I'll be posting a part 2 product review when I start using it on my cheek. I read good reviews that it also looks good on the cheek. If you want a  natural looking rosy cheek, why not give it a try? ;-) *wink

Keep going everyone. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Feeling Nostalgic: Wishing for a Class Reunion

I'm feeling nostalgic as I dig some of my old photos from my Facebook account. I was skimming and looking at it for almost an hour now. I feel so sad, knowing that time flies so fast. The first photo that I uploaded was way back 2009. The photos speak how I live up my past six (6) years of my life. There are all memories now- great memories that I've treasured indeed. I wish that those flashback photos will extend and capture the years in high school. High school and college memories are one of those I've treasured the most. It's like half  of my years of existence were spent schooling. Beautiful events and memories happened at school

Oh, it's killing me. I'm missing all of my school mates and batchmates. I miss the time when I laugh  with my best friend at one of our favorite bench, hangout with my classmates and friends at the canteen,  cried so hard because of "puppy love".
I admit it, I really envy those batch who had their class reunion last Christmas. I really wish we could make time, patch up and bond together with batchmates and classmates. Its my desire to see all my friends being successful in their career path they chose. I will be happy  to see them (my friends) who have been successful in their career in business and in their motherhood.

If there are things that could symbolize the bond that we had with my batchmates, that would be class rings from Joy Jewelers. When I look at it, it speaks so much of the bond that we have. I suggest friends and bacthmates should have that ring during class reunion. Ring symbolizes a commitment, a vow.  Just like newly weds, friends should make a vow that where ever they are, whatever the circumstances are... the friendship, love and comradery will still remain.
Oh, I love and miss all my batchmates, school mates and friends. If someone from my batch will read this, I hope they will organizeand  come up a reunion for our batch- Batch 2006. That would be very fun and exciting.

Treasure all the things that happens to you in the present, because sooner or later it will turn out to be memories- good memories to cherish.
Keep going everyone. Enjoy the evening. God bless. 


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