Sunday, August 02, 2015

Celebrating Nutrition Month and More

July is the month to celebrate Nutrition Month. It is the busiest month for me, since I'm the person in-charge of all the activities and programs in school for Nutrition Month. Well, it is also the exciting and stressful week for me. But all the effort and sleepless nights were worth it as we successfully 
Here are some of  our enjoyable activities that we've done during the month long celebration... 
Here are some of the output and some of the activities we had.

 Cooking Showdown: Main Dish (Chicken); Dessert (Buko/ Young Coconut)

 Buko-Mango Salad

Native Chicken (Organic Chicken w/ Sweet Corn)

 Fruit and Vegetable eating Contest

Booth Making

Fruit Carving

Fruit and Vegetable Display

Nutri Mascot

Awarding of Winners and Culmination Program
Definitely, I really enjoyed the preparation and conducting all the activities. Seeing all these photographs, all the stresses and hardships are all worth it.

Health is wealth. Be healthy and enjoy life. Keep going everyone. God bless.


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