Friday, December 18, 2015

Relax, Chillout and Unwind

It's good to know that Christmas break is coming. Right at this moment this is what I needed, this is what I wanted. I thank God that I was given the time to unwind and unleash all the negative thoughts I have inside. I was given a break, definitely!

 We had a wonderful time with my coteachers. We went to a resort-it came up to be an exclusive resort since we were the only customers at that time. The place is called Blu Sands resort-and definitely I fell in love to the place. It's so relaxing and it's view is so amazing. I got the chance to ride on a bananaboat. The experience was fun and exciting. Though we were thrown out in the water, but sometimes we have to experience daring adventures to LIVE. At that moment I feel so alive. I feel like I was the most adventurous woman in the world.

I thank God for this wonderful experience. How about you? What are the wonderful experience you got this holiday? Share and inspire with your wonderful and adventurous trip.

Keep going and enjoy your Christmas break. God bless.

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