Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas at The Capitol 2015

Hi everyone, as I promised, I'll be posting our fun and amazing activity we've done last Christmas eve. Annually, we celebrate Christmas with our family in a unique way. We always have different concepts and motif every year. We find it very fun and exciting as we organized a party extraordinarily.  The preparation in putting up makeups and and making clothes to wear every Christmas is another way for us to bond as a family. And for this year's concept we come up a creative way to celebrate Christmas -  this year it is Christmas at the Capitol.

For this year 2015, we got the idea from the hit movie series "The Hunger Games" where the movie presented the different fashion from the Capitol or they simply call it "Capitol Cotoure".

We had really fun preparing the dresses, designing the outfit, accesorize and do the gothic makeups. Everyone cooperated and participated in that costume party. After the pictorial, we had exchanging gifts, party games and the annoucement of winners of the best outfit for the night - where everyone voted for their top 3 (except themeselves). Unfortunately I was on the top 3. Though, I didn't win but I enjoyed everything.

and here's my Capitol Cotoure inspired outfit

2010 Masquerade Party; 2011 (We were hit by a typhoon so we celebrated Christmas in the simplest way); 2012 Cosplay Costume Party, 2013 Neon Party; 2014 Greeks Party and the latest.. 2015 the Hunger Games' Capitol Cotoure inspired Party

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I hope you enjoyed my post. Keep going everyone. 

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