Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year! Welcome 2016

Before this year 2015 ends, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who keeps on supporting my (this) blog. The memories of  2015 had been captured in the pages of this blog and I'm truly grateful to God for the memorable and enjoyable 2015.

It's now to time to leave the past (but don't forget the good memories) and all together let's face the new challenges of 2016. Please allow me to be part of your 2016. As I continue this journey, I'm looking forward for another grateful year to come. Great things are coming ahead. I declare this 2016 as my year of- prosperity, blessing, victory, overflowing joy and (lovelife?) LOL.

I'm so excited for 2016. Happy New Year to Everyone. Welcome 2016! May you have a prosperous New Year! Keep going everyone. God bless.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas at The Capitol 2015

Hi everyone, as I promised, I'll be posting our fun and amazing activity we've done last Christmas eve. Annually, we celebrate Christmas with our family in a unique way. We always have different concepts and motif every year. We find it very fun and exciting as we organized a party extraordinarily.  The preparation in putting up makeups and and making clothes to wear every Christmas is another way for us to bond as a family. And for this year's concept we come up a creative way to celebrate Christmas -  this year it is Christmas at the Capitol.

For this year 2015, we got the idea from the hit movie series "The Hunger Games" where the movie presented the different fashion from the Capitol or they simply call it "Capitol Cotoure".

We had really fun preparing the dresses, designing the outfit, accesorize and do the gothic makeups. Everyone cooperated and participated in that costume party. After the pictorial, we had exchanging gifts, party games and the annoucement of winners of the best outfit for the night - where everyone voted for their top 3 (except themeselves). Unfortunately I was on the top 3. Though, I didn't win but I enjoyed everything.

and here's my Capitol Cotoure inspired outfit

2010 Masquerade Party; 2011 (We were hit by a typhoon so we celebrated Christmas in the simplest way); 2012 Cosplay Costume Party, 2013 Neon Party; 2014 Greeks Party and the latest.. 2015 the Hunger Games' Capitol Cotoure inspired Party

Checkout out previous Christmas post The Godess- Celebrate Christmas in Greece
I hope you enjoyed my post. Keep going everyone. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from My Foliage Diary

I thank my good God for giving me the merry Christmas, maybe it's not the merriest but it's one of the best. I always look forward for this day because Christmas spirit gives me the feeling of joy and peace within.

With all the Christmas sales around the supermalls, parties and family gatherings, who wouldn't love Christmas? But above all these things, why I love Christmas is because of the message itself- Christ came! No other stories to tell. It is the season where we're reminded about the love of our Savior. So it's good to celebrate and spread the positive vibes.

I personally enjoyed my Christmas with my family. We had fun games, Christmas costume motif ( we did it every year) and the Noche Buena with my family. I'll be posting some of my snapshots later in the part 2 of this post. *wink

 From my humble blog, My Foliage Diary... this is Lyne wishing you  merry, merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to come. God Bless!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Relax, Chillout and Unwind

It's good to know that Christmas break is coming. Right at this moment this is what I needed, this is what I wanted. I thank God that I was given the time to unwind and unleash all the negative thoughts I have inside. I was given a break, definitely!

 We had a wonderful time with my coteachers. We went to a resort-it came up to be an exclusive resort since we were the only customers at that time. The place is called Blu Sands resort-and definitely I fell in love to the place. It's so relaxing and it's view is so amazing. I got the chance to ride on a bananaboat. The experience was fun and exciting. Though we were thrown out in the water, but sometimes we have to experience daring adventures to LIVE. At that moment I feel so alive. I feel like I was the most adventurous woman in the world.

I thank God for this wonderful experience. How about you? What are the wonderful experience you got this holiday? Share and inspire with your wonderful and adventurous trip.

Keep going and enjoy your Christmas break. God bless.

Checkout our Photos:

Friday, December 04, 2015

Hello December! How to Prepare Christmas Presentation with a Blast

It's the time of the year again where families and friends will celebrate together and enjoy the cold holiday season. Yes, everyone is expecting for a great Christmas celebration. It’s getting near. One great thing about Christmas season is that everyone is willing to give their time and finances for others to be happy. It’s really rewarding when you see in their eyes (people you've helped) that happiness you’ve caused to them.

Christmas season is also the great time to showcase individuals' talents. Christmas parties, fun games, family gathering and alumni homecoming. This lovely season could really showcase individuals talents. Right now, you should start practicing your group or individual presentation. Everyone should take the challenge to achieve excellence. Well, I believe that one must try to manipulate and improve your sound presentation through  sampling rate. This one good tip to practice for an audio manipulation and learn about the digital audio basics. Great music could really set-up the mood or the tone of the presentation. So make sure you pay attention to small details. To achieve one great performance, one must secure the audio quality. The choice of music and the good quality ideas  will serve as the icing in the cake in your fantastic presentation.

Party, presentation, family gathering and gift giving is what we look forward this Christmas. It is really a great time to participate in the said activity. Make sure you enjoyed every single pieces (days) of December because December 2015 will only comes at once. Live to the fullest. Enjoy!

God bless everyone.


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