Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I'm a Pluviophile in Some Way

Hi everyone. it's a cold and rainy evening.. and I'm loving it. It's really a good feeling in finding time for myself. It's a joy and it makes me feel at peace with myself. I just love the feeling listening to the rhythm of the rain. I'm a pluviophile in some way (word of the day actually!). There's a part of me who find comfort whenever it rains and I feel calm and relaxed. I think rainy season is just perfect time for me to think. It's a perfect time for me to dream big and think my wildest thoughts (dreaming of impossible dreams). Though, it makes me a little bit weirder when it rains. I wanna play under the rain and go crazy (just to reminisce my childhood), cry under the rain (because nobody will notice it), and scream and shout to the rain because its the the best feeling ever. That's how rain brings out the "bipolar" in Just kidding. Thanks to the rain though.

Here's the scenario of today:
It rains so hard lately.  I spent the whole day at school freezing cold. I sat near the window while my students were doing their school work, I spent the whole afternoon watching the rain. It sounds like a music to my ear. It's crystal clear water has no evidence of the polluted world. I came out of the classroom and reach out to him. I felt the droplets falling into my hands and I am relieved in my nostalgic me. It's such a great feeling knowing that the rain could be your friend. The pluviophile in me come naturally. I am thankful for the rain. Indeed... "pluviophile" I am.
*The pluviophile in google dictionary is a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Keep goin' everyone. Happy rainy day :) ",,

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