Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hashtag Forevergrateful- Celebrating my 26th

Hi everyone. I've been so busy this past few weeks that's why I hardly post in my blog. But I thank you guys for always keeping in touch with me. I will always and forever grateful to you.

I'll gonna make this message simple and short,
It's a great day to celebrate my natal day. Today is my 26th birthday and I wouldn't let this day pass without thanking all the people who loves me. From the bottom of my heart I really thank you for always visiting my blog (it really means a lot to me), I thank my family for their unwavering support and to my co-teachers who always make my work easier (having a great working place is priceless). I also thank my "best friends" who came and celebrate with me. And, to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who continually pursue and cares for me through out my 26 years in this world.
I can't believe how time flies so fast. I feel like it was yesterday when I first opened my eyes and see my mother's first smile, when I started to learn to speak the word "mama" and "papa" and when I did my first walk (and fall)... and walk (and fall). Now, that I'm already 26, still, I'm trying to figure out the life that is installed for me. Searching... knowing... but, at the end of this, God will reveal the purpose of my life :)
I am truly blessed and amazed on how the God of the universe stitched all these simple details of my life. Truly He cares for me. Indeed :)
I thank God for everything!!!

 #forevergrateful #blessed #simplejoy; snapshot from my birthday celebration

Well this is the end of my simple thank you letter.  Keep going everyone. Have a blessful weekend. God bless.

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