Friday, October 30, 2015

What Makes Me Hate and Love ALDUB

Oh, I know what you're thinking. Please don't... don't bash me because of the title of this post. Don't judge... just continue reading, please?

While everyone go crazy about this "AlDub", I was like, what?? What is that crazy thing all about?Well, it's not my first time to post about the phenomenal loveteam  "ALDub" here in my blog, it is my second time and no one can stop me now.  This kooky loveteam ALDub (ALden Richards and Maine Mendoza's pair up) came to the country by storm- and they're unstoppable. They are the hottest love team in the Philippines right now. How could a "spilt-screen" loveteam can come up with a great Chemistry?
I am a fan of this loveteam since Day 1. I cannot elaborate how I was hooked up in this love team. Just check out my earlier post here.

 how it started... the accidental meet up.

they develop the loveteam through split screen ... (what excites the viewer is they haven't meet personally)
after how many months of airing the spit-screen loveteam and many attempted dates... finally thay're united @ Philippine Arena last October 24, 2015
Here are some of my favorite scenes...

The hashtag #AlDubEBTamangPanahon (translation: AlDubEB In the Right Time in Tagalog) garnered 41 million tweets during the period around the Oct. 24 event, which was attended by some 55,000 fans and broadcast throughout the celebrity-crazed country. -quoted from

Going back to my post, What makes me hate about AlDub? (Actually it's my  actions towards AlDub is what I really hate)
1. It eats my time. Well, It's pretty obvious, they're irresistible. As you watched their videos for the first time- from day 1 until now- you can't stop pushing the replay button. (RIP replay button) :'( What makes me hate it? As grow fonder I was stuck and couldn't work other tasks. But honestly, I enjoyed all their videos. And that's what I love about them, they make me "kilig" and inlove. Noon time show Eat Bulaga! (*bulaga means surprise) really gives justice to their name.

2. I became impatient. I couldn't stop myself thinking about my "prince charming" to come asap. Kalyeserye's AlDub love team started accidentally. It is a typical lovestory (on-screen), but this teamup is like the modern Cinderella story. Maine or Yaya Dub (plays as a nanny) in kalyeserye show. Maine is as a new comer in the showbusiness and accidentally found his handsome and gentleman prince charming Alden Richards <3 Single ladies AlDub fans didn't stop dreaming to meet their prince.

3. It makes me feel nostalgic. I am already 26, but this loveteam reminisce my first love. It's weird, but it really makes me feel sad and happy at thesame time (that butterflies in my stomach)...  that cute and unexplainable feeling when I gaze into his eyes. And the heart beats so fast. Magical! But those are "the days" of the past and it will never be the reality of "now" :( It's quite frustrating, beacuase I really hope that they will end up together... that they will prove that there is Forever .

4. I'm stuck into my fantasies. Yes, we do hope that the two will develop into lovers. We hope and pray that they will find love  with each other. It stuck in my mind all day, dreaming all these fantasies... hoping that it would be a reality. And it makes me feel sad... what if , it will remain on-screen. All of us hope for an off-screen love. We are into this fantacy that we forget our realities.

5. And the last one, it makes all the girls envy Maine Mendoza. hahah lol. Just kidding. Everyone love Maine. Her charm really keep her on the top. Maine Mendoza hailed as the "dub smash queen", the fastest rising star in the Philippines and placed third as the fastest growing Twitter account worldwide. She really evolve from an ordinary and typical girl into a real princess. The fame, success and the love that she receieves, who wouldn't want to be in her shoes?

Too much much fondness can overdose you... AlDub is good, the show really shows moral values (like the traditional Filipino way of courting, respect of elders and etc) and it really gives you positive vibes everyday. But too much of it could really harm you. It could stir up you emotions and feelings. It would consume all your time, it will depart you from reality and will cause you envy. So be aware. Alden and Maine are very lovable, humble and down to earth so it's not hard to love them. But don't be too much consumed of this fondness that you will forget your own life. They AlDub truly inspires us but don't forget, God made a special story for you. It will never be shown  if there's no actor in it- you! (*pabebe wave)

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hashtag Forevergrateful- Celebrating my 26th

Hi everyone. I've been so busy this past few weeks that's why I hardly post in my blog. But I thank you guys for always keeping in touch with me. I will always and forever grateful to you.

I'll gonna make this message simple and short,
It's a great day to celebrate my natal day. Today is my 26th birthday and I wouldn't let this day pass without thanking all the people who loves me. From the bottom of my heart I really thank you for always visiting my blog (it really means a lot to me), I thank my family for their unwavering support and to my co-teachers who always make my work easier (having a great working place is priceless). I also thank my "best friends" who came and celebrate with me. And, to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who continually pursue and cares for me through out my 26 years in this world.
I can't believe how time flies so fast. I feel like it was yesterday when I first opened my eyes and see my mother's first smile, when I started to learn to speak the word "mama" and "papa" and when I did my first walk (and fall)... and walk (and fall). Now, that I'm already 26, still, I'm trying to figure out the life that is installed for me. Searching... knowing... but, at the end of this, God will reveal the purpose of my life :)
I am truly blessed and amazed on how the God of the universe stitched all these simple details of my life. Truly He cares for me. Indeed :)
I thank God for everything!!!

 #forevergrateful #blessed #simplejoy; snapshot from my birthday celebration

Well this is the end of my simple thank you letter.  Keep going everyone. Have a blessful weekend. God bless.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I'm a Pluviophile in Some Way

Hi everyone. it's a cold and rainy evening.. and I'm loving it. It's really a good feeling in finding time for myself. It's a joy and it makes me feel at peace with myself. I just love the feeling listening to the rhythm of the rain. I'm a pluviophile in some way (word of the day actually!). There's a part of me who find comfort whenever it rains and I feel calm and relaxed. I think rainy season is just perfect time for me to think. It's a perfect time for me to dream big and think my wildest thoughts (dreaming of impossible dreams). Though, it makes me a little bit weirder when it rains. I wanna play under the rain and go crazy (just to reminisce my childhood), cry under the rain (because nobody will notice it), and scream and shout to the rain because its the the best feeling ever. That's how rain brings out the "bipolar" in Just kidding. Thanks to the rain though.

Here's the scenario of today:
It rains so hard lately.  I spent the whole day at school freezing cold. I sat near the window while my students were doing their school work, I spent the whole afternoon watching the rain. It sounds like a music to my ear. It's crystal clear water has no evidence of the polluted world. I came out of the classroom and reach out to him. I felt the droplets falling into my hands and I am relieved in my nostalgic me. It's such a great feeling knowing that the rain could be your friend. The pluviophile in me come naturally. I am thankful for the rain. Indeed... "pluviophile" I am.
*The pluviophile in google dictionary is a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Keep goin' everyone. Happy rainy day :) ",,


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