Friday, September 18, 2015

School Program Preparation

Great days are coming ahead. As a teacher, everyday is always full of fun and excitement day. I have to admit that being a teacher, you got all the stressful days- paper works and classroom management. But still at the end of the day, you can still put a smile in your face because of the good and memorable things that happened to you.

Earlier, we had a fun and enjoyable photoshoot with my students. We are having our "Sci-Math" celebration and we will be having our "G. at Bb. Agham 2015"(Mr. & Ms. Science 2015) pageant and everyone is excited. There are many hopeful student-whom I really expect were shy- but now they really come out of there shell. I was the one who made them more beautiful today. I applied makeup on them and they really look gorgeous. Here is one of the great shot we had today.

We love our photoshoot  today. They really look excited for the pageant.

Everyone are looking for the pageant.I really want that everything will be perfect- from stage designing, up to music and sound system. The program is almost polished. Everyone is practicing there dance number (production number). But one thing is not really perfect. Our sound system is not really in good quality. The one that adjust the volume doesn't function that  well. It would be very perfect to have pioneer djm t1 mixer in our school. I've seen in big schools where they have really great quality sound in there school programs because they invested for a high quality mixer. I suggest to have one in our school. I hope it will be granted. Well it's really necessary for us to have one. All we want is for the good of our students and for our school. Well, check our the link I've shared to you- I bet they really offered great quality digital mixer.

Have a great day everyone. God bless. Keep going. 

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