Sunday, July 12, 2015

Reviving my "Me Time"

Life is a journey filled with different lessons. There are times that these life lessons leaved a special space in our hearts. Some of these life-lessons are joy, hardships, heartaches and unforgettable moments. Mostly we are preoccupied with busyness that we forget to laugh and be joyful.

My friend, we only live once so make use of it. For me, it's a kind of "therapeutic" for me when I spend time with myself and do the things I love to do- I called it my "me time". Some resourceful activities we want to do in our me time are painting, drawing and singing. I can do all that except singing and playing the musical instrument. (It is my childhood frustrations). In that case, I might secure the toby keith 35 biggest hits songbook to learn strumming. In that way I could fully understand playing music instruments.

I tell you, if you have with you your paintbrush,canvass, guitar and biggest hit songbook- your me time would be very perfect. Keep going everyone. God bless.

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