Friday, May 22, 2015

I'll still Believe in Forever

Hahaha I was watching one of the most loved "tele-drama" here in the Philippines. It is very popular TV Series here.Today is the most awaited ending.Many were saddened because they can no longer watch their favorite show.
I'm not a fan, but I used to watch it. Well, the series is a typical type of love story.It ends very well- as usual the "they live happily ever after" just happened again. The guy confesses that she still love the girl and they both admit that they still love each other. I'm not the protagonist (type) here, but the story was close to impossible (after all that happened) I cannot elaborate how the story goes.

It is entitled "Forevemore" (it became a popular word after the airing of the drama)- so naturally the director should stick to its title- to give the audience a forevermore ending. But one thing this drama contribute on how I perceive life is this... (maybe) there is forever.
In my human nature of thinking, I don't believe in forever. High school friends will part ways sooner or later, you will surely find the end of the scotch tape, the flowing water in the river will surely find it's sea and man will die in it's appointed time. That's why it's so hard for me to believe in forever. Or maybe this my simplest way of preparing my heart for abandonment. I've known a friend who is very scared of being abandoned and I realized that we have the same fear. I don't want people to go, all I want is for them to stay- to keep them for forever. But what I'm thinking is surreal. People just come and go. Or maybe this is simply rooted of all the past hurts and abandonment of the people who I truly love and cherished- and they just go and leave me broken. Whatever my reason is in not believing if "forever", I wanna dug it down and leave it die. I wanna believe again that somebody will truly love me, cherish me and keep me. Many people had already found it and some (like me) might still be searching for it. At this point in my life, I still want to believe that there's still forever. There will be.... I'll give love a chance.

P.S at this moment in my life, I thank my Heavenly Father for letting me know and keeping me reminded that He is the one who loves me "forever". There is God who forever love you.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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