Sunday, May 10, 2015

How to Make Your Days Very Boring?

I'll be spending the rest of my summer attending ( a quite boring) but a meaningful seminar. I am very sad because I won't be able to attend our Summer Youth in our Church. I got a lot of responsibilities as a teacher- and one of those is to attend seminar.

The seminar is about enhancing the curriculum. Yes, as I've said, it a meaningful seminar. But it made me sick because it requires you to sit for hours just to listen to the speaker. I do not say they are the most boring person, but I a person who wants variety. I love to do many things. I am active person. So I found it very difficult to sit and eat (I think I'm over feed) and listen for almost the whole day.

This time, I'll be travelling again to attend another educational seminar. I hope that the seminar would end up very soon, because I'm sick and tired of it.

I wanna have break and use the rest of my summer going out and enjoying. But I have to accept it- tomorrow is our seminar. So I have to go. good night guys :) Zzzz

I strongly suggest, you have to go out and have fun after the training. What you think? (Don't forget your "Me" Time)

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