Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner's Magic.

Hi guys, I can't stop myself but to really buzz you about my latest discovery. This discovery is not that huge but it's really useful to me. I used to have a dull and dry hair, but thank God, I finally found the one for me. I'm sorry guys to disappoint you ( sorry boys, only women could really appreciate this post.

If you will browse in some of my blog post, you will notice that I have dull and kinky hair. Used to do hair rebonding every 6 months of every year. My annual hair rebonding (without proper treatment) resulted into tremendous hair dryness and dullness. But finally, I bumped into a right shampoo for me. The name of the "magic" shampoo is  "Dove Intensive Repair" conditioner. Miracles really happen through this shmapoo (note: *dove didn't paid me to make this testimony. It really came from the heart)

I started using this shampoo two weeks now and I clearly see the results based on my personal encounter with the product. Now I greatly promote and suggest that you should take on this brand. It's really worth the a try. Have a great day ladies.
Keep going everyone

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