Sunday, February 08, 2015

DO NOT Fall In Love! Just Love

I so love to share this article about love...I think this really make sense... Check it out.

"TO FALL IN LOVE is not the end of “The Search”. Neither is it its purpose. Love is not an accident. Accident is this: you were walking down the street; and with no warning, you “fall” into a manhole – that is what FALLING is (I know, tragic, right?). No wonder it hurts so much after “falling” in love. You fall from heights of expectations that are just too unreal. Ask yourself this: Do you wish to Fall in Love, or do you want TO LOVE?

TO BE in love is never by accident. It is a deliberate, conscious choice to love. Even Falling in Love, as most of you young ones say, is not just some random event. To Fall in Love means you either INTENTIONALLY looked too closely, stood over the edge, enabling you to most possibly – fall. You still made a choice. You most likely spent too much time with the person; you made yourself available; you allowed your imagination run wild after he asked you if you believe in destiny, when he was simply curious if you are. You do not wake up suddenly in love. You walk your way to it. You allowed yourself to walk at the edge; and eventually you will, you do, fall.
I forbid you! Do not aim to fall in love. Do not just listen to your heart. The heart is deceitful above all things. Listen to the God of your Heart. Guard your heart. You are worthy to be sought, to be prepared for, and to be made completely whole just as you are. When you are ready (and someday you will be), you will not just “fall in love”. You WILL LOVE; and finally, truly, be loved in return."

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