Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This is Why I'm Single- So I can Write this Blog

Singlehood have never been an issue for me, But not until today. Hahaha. I can't escape from people who are pressuring me. I am already 25, but I never had any serious relationship. They say it's the right age for me to have a boyfriend. But for me, I have to stick on my principle- to seek out the right relationship (vs. any just relationship) Anyway, I have been living for 25 years without a boyfriend. Though, I used to have two when I was in high school, but it's not really serious.
Sometimes, I missed the time that I cried for someone (while hugging my pillow), smiling like crazy and having my sleepless nights thinking of that guy. I admit, when I look back that feeling was really awesome. That was aaa looooong time ago000.

Singlehood is a choice. It's a serious decision. I decided to be serious with my studies and remain single when I was in college and look at me now-I finished my degree with flying colors. I'm not bragging my achievements, but I am emphasizing that you have to make sacrifices and wiser decisions in life to be able to achieve your dreams. And, also at that time I want to honor my parents' decision.

I admit I am in my "pressured zone" when I'm with my co-teachers and closest friends (most of them were already married) and now, they're expecting on me. You should have a boyfriend right now.. When will you get married? You should start dating... blahh..blahh... They say. I am perfectionist and there's no such thing as "perfect guy" or a "knight in shining armor" doesn't exist and I am not even a "fairy tale" princess. I agreed, there's no such thing as those. But I believe my God reserves the best for me. A man who could really understand my stubbornness and who could really love me in my worse. I want a guy who is godly . A man who prayerfully seek the Lord. People may never understand that I am seeking a godly man who can step up, lead and can initiate. A man who could be a great father to my children. A humble man of God. A man who truly serves the living God. A man who could raise his children with great dignity and principles. 

I hope people will truly understand that marriage is not a game and a home's not a playhouse. You can't just pack up and go home to your parents when you feel like not playing. Marriage is forever. I'm not setting up my own standards, I am setting up God's standards. And, only a man from God will surely qualify. Though, there are many temptations along the way, but in the end I know God will fulfill His promise- to give His best for His children. The waiting process is hard (and it's getting harder) but I believe when you wait for the best ... it is always worth the wait.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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