Monday, January 19, 2015

A Gift of Love for Moms

No one could compare the love and care of a mother. It's truly, indeed, incomparable.

You probably say I'm biased in my writings, but forgive me dad, for writing so much gratitude for mom in this blog. Anyway, dad you know how much I love you :)

Mother's in our generations were sometimes misunderstood. But as I grow older, I finally understand moms moisy mouth- those are for our benefits (not maybe today bu someday). She's also an ultimate multi-tasker... a promising super hero and etc. Well, that's how moms work. Doing all the errands, keeping all in place. Taking good care of  her kids and (sometimes working moms do additional tasks). And take note, they're doing it without pay. Yes, you read it right- it's all free. Truly you can say that moms love are unconditional. Though it's not that perfect, but showing and giving the best that she could really put me into tears.

Children out there, I tell you, value all the people that truly loves you and find ways to make him or her happy. By the way, this coming Jan. 28th is my mom and dad's wed anniversary. I hope I could give something special for the both of them. I've seen some of the best gift in the internet. I'm considering mothers rings online. It is really perfect for siblings to give as a gift for there beloved mom or dad. I found it really interesting because you can personalized it. You can engrave your name on it (like engraving you and your siblings name) and putting your birthstones on it.

Checkout this trinity ring for your mom :)

These are just material things. You can always include in this ring your "I love You" and "Thank You" words. :) Well, Christmas is over, but you can still continue to give gift even it's not Christmas season. Because true love never comes by season, but it comes everyday- as it is being renewed and treasured everyday.

Keep going everyone. God bless. Have a great week ahead.

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