Monday, December 08, 2014

A Man is a Dog's Best Friend

"The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog". This is definitely true to those who treated their dogs more than "a man's bestfriend". A dog is a friend whom you can really count on. They're instant cuteness and sweetness removes all your stresses and worries in life. Dog's could really feel the pain, knows our aches and rejoices with our victories. Indeed they're the best buddies.
I can remember the time when I'm in deep sorrow I spent time with our dog named scamp and I just touch and tap his head and he just wagged his tail. We know that they sincerely care- I can feel it. 

Dogs have feelings too. Though, they cannot speak but sometimes they're in pain. In pain emotionally or physically. Whether they're sad or in sickness, but mostly they're in physical pain. We can still show our love and care to them by treating them. 
The common ailment dogs do have is the otitis and other fungal infection. You can have minor treatment using posatex otic suspensionOther common dog's diseases are acute vomiting in dogs, ameba infection in dogs, anemia and etc. 

Let's show our best care for our dogs. Let's show to them that "man is a dog's bestfriend".
Keep going everyone. Happy #doggymonday. 

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