Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wishing for a Birthday Serenade

Yeah, I'm already 25 last October 17. I celebrated my silver years last week Friday. I had  a great time celebrating my birthday with my loved ones and my co-teachers. The number of guest who attended my party is unexpected, but I had a wonderful time being with them. My desires and wish that somebody will serenade me at dawn never happens, but still I feel grateful with the people who spent their precious time with me in my special day.

I'm already 25, but my frustrations to learn the guitar doesn't happen yet. Though serenading me on my birthday doesn't happen, but I wanna learn to play the guitar so that I'll be the one to serenade others and my loved ones on their birthdays. It would be a heart-touching moment if I'll do this to the people I love. So, from then one, I'll start finding the best guitar in town. :) Well, the best place to find an acoustic guitar is here.

Keep going everyone. It's not too late to send your birthday greetings here. Please leave your comments here.heheh

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