Sunday, October 05, 2014

Happy World Teacher's Day

It's good to be back in my teaching career. Last Friday, Oct 3, I celebrated one of the most unforgettable teacher's day of my life.It was one of the simplest Teacher's day celbration but I come to understand what Teacher's Day is all about. It's not really about the expensive cakes or the bouquet of flowers  that you could receive from your students but it is the thought that you are valued and highly appreciated.

In my first 5 months in that school, where I'm currently working, I celebrated Teacher's day with a bunch of gumamela flowers and sincere love letter (quite funny letters ). It's not really expensive at all (actually you can find those flowers everywhere), but the thought that they remember me and my co-teachers in our very special day is already great significant for us. Through the school officers, they conducted a program for all  of us and they had presentation dedicated to us teachers. After the program they prepared a semi-fine dining for us. The students arranged the classrooms and prepared a delicious lunch for us.

In my 5th month in my career, now I fully understand why teaching is one of the noblest job.

Keep going everyone. Happy World Teacher's day to everyone. God bless :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice post.Thank you so much for sharing this post.


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