Monday, September 01, 2014

A Teacher Must Read Books: Benefits of Reading

I want to start and develop my habit in reading. I want to develop it back again (honestly). I can't remember the time the last time I read a book. I didn't say I don't read books in school- of course I study my lesson, but what I am talking about is "reading" as a form of hobby or passion not a forced action. Definitely reading was just an obligation for me to be prepared, but enhancing my reading hobby to widen my knowledge, well that's what I want develop.
Actually there are many benefits when you read. First is to be knowledgeable. Thousand of information can be stored up in our brain- how you're going to do it? Read. Another is to improve my English. I'm a Filipino and I speak the Filipino language or our native tongue. I can only be exposed to the English language when I read books, watch English movies or listen to the music. So, I better to be a better speaker and a writer. Last thing is that, I can go anywhere. Yes, reading can transport you into places. Through reading, you can go where you want to go.

In conclusion, as a teacher, I urge you and  forced you to read. Heheh I'm just kidding. All I want is for you to knowledgeable with many things, enjoy traveling different place and to be an effective and better speaker or writer. 

Enjoy the habit of reading. God bless you.


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