Friday, August 29, 2014

Buwan ng Wika- A National Language Month Celebration

Here we  go. Everyone are busy preparing for the "Buwan ng Wika" celebration. This is an annual event in the Philippines, where all schools all over the Philippines celebrate the whole month of August. This is an annual event where students as well as the teachers were dressed in national costumes, tribal and other folk clothes. There is a contest in folk dances, folk song, cooking contest (native delicacies), "larong lahi" (Filipino native games), "Lakambini at Lakandula" (Filipino style beauty contest for men and women and many more.

This kind of event preserves the Filipino culture, heritage, values, customs and tradition. For me this is a very important event because this will help open up to the minds of the young children to embrace the Filipino values and develop the love for their country.

Enjoy. Have a happy weekend. God bless.  

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