Friday, August 29, 2014

A Sweet Harmony from the Past

I think everyone, mostly the young people, were very attracted to learn different kinds of modern musical instruments. It is very cool and very pleasing if someone can play a musical instrument like guitar, drums and piano. Due to the fast track of change, people already forgotten some of the native instruments that could really produce a a great harmony.

Some don't even know about mandolin, gong, flute, xylophones and etc. These are what we called traditional, but when it plays, truly magical.  Music is not just limited to 3 to 4 musical instruments. There are thousands or millions of instruments that remains unnoticed.I think it's a start to revive the heart of the people to love other traditional musical instrument. Try to check out some of it online and here's the link to purchase it with Free Shipping.

Our celebration in "National Language" really open up my mind to embrace the beauty of folk music, traditional music as well as the musical instrument. Well it is really great to explore one of the kind musical instrument and help spread value of "preservation" customs , the love  for our country and the love for traditional music. Well start listening to the classic music and start exploring the possibilities of learning old songs as well as the instruments.

Enjoy your music-weekend. Keep going and God bless :)

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