Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Class of Dreamers and Achievers

I missed my life as a student. I graduated last 2010 and I miss the feeling when it's the first day of a class. My news feed in Facebook is flooded with a "back to school" status and it's kinda annoying but those status simply reminds me of how it feels when another school year is approaching. That weird feeling of mine just rekindled in my heart. Truly "those are the days" that will truly be engraved in my heart-happy, sad, exciting and pressured moments.

If only, we could record all the great memories into a video. Or we could simply put this inside our class ring. Rings are symbolic too. My sister and I are planning to have a class ring- just to remind our "student life" days. Make your high school and college memories last forever. Check out for these amazing class ring.It will surely remind us that we are once part of a class of dreamers and achievers.
"Class may be over, but memories will be forever".
my sister and I were looking for these kind of rings (I love this sack ring). The silver ring, the stacking ring, boys' class ring

Keep going everyone. Keep on dreaming high.
God bless.

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