Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekdays Summer Getaways

Hi guys,I got this wonderful photographs from my weekday-getaway. Due to my job, I usually unwind and relax every weekend. But I'm glad that I got the chance to do some fun activities with my cousins and my churchmate.

In morning, I decided to help my churchmate to shoot the video for our upcoming camp. It is a montage video- sort of invitational video. I thank God for the production team who really did well in the shooting. Truly I had fun doing the video shoot. Though the weather is not good that day, but at least it didn't get worse. The video shoot is a success and I had fun!

 After we took the video shoot in the morning, then I headed to Abuno, Iligan City. It is 45 mins travel away from the city. This time I'm with my cousins. We spent our overnight so-called "camping" at out resthouse. It's not that very big, but the place is very relaxing and peaceful. In that place, I was reminded the basic way of life- the simplicity of life. In that place I am away from the usual things I used to do. I live without TV, Wifi, no water in the faucet ( we use deep well) and it's so lovely to hear the chirping of the bird.
In the next day, in the morning, we had a long walk and enjoyed our mountain escapade. Though the experience is tiring, but it is all worth it. I explored nature again.

Find ways to make a change in your everyday life. Have fun and enjoy your every "day". Keep going everyone. Happy weekend!

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